• Tittle: Logistics and Maritime Business
  • Duration: 4 courses organized by quarters
  • Study load: 240 ECTS credits
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Timetables: Afternoon
  • Run by: School of Bussines and Social Science
  • Qualification: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
  • Fees: Check out the cost and financing options for the study program at the following link (Fees and financing)
  • Access: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)
  • Places: 40
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Minimum score: 6,250 (18/19)
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Over 90% of international trade is done by sea

This degree offers a great opportunity both for future professionals and companies, in a market that is increasingly globalized and which progressively needs more qualified professionals.

The degree responds to the demands of the logistics, transport and maritime business sectors, and it includes subjects related to international trade, port management, customs operations,
maritime law and related legislation, logistics and supply chain management, and maritime company management, among others, with an international vision focused on professionalism. 

Students carry out international stays, for example in Italy, where during the four-day trip to Civitavecchia (Rome) they were able to know how to proceed in a complete maritime transport operation and carried out a practical case to answer a hypothetical proposal commercial of a client.
The activity is part of the course Motorways of the Sea Training (MOST) that students carry out with the European School Intermodal Transport and that begins in the Port of Barcelona


  • 1
    The only such Bachelor Degree in Catalonia and a leader in Spain

    This Bachelor Degree has a clear international projection, specializing in maritime business.

  • 2
    10% of the Bachelor Degree is taught in English

    Logistics is a highly internationalized sector in which a command of languages in essential. 24 ECTS credits are taught completely in English and the TecnoCampus Language Service gives students the opportunity to learn or perfect other languages.

  • 3
    Lecturers from the business world

    The lecturers on the Bachelor Degree program are professionals from the Logistics sector, giving the student direct insight into the reality of the professional world. The tuition received in the final academic years has been rated at 7.5 points.

  • 4
    National and international internships

    Students have the option of placements abroad in the last two years of the program. Moreover, TecnoCampus’s close ties to the business community enable us to give students access to internships to consolidate their knowledge in a real professional environment. Each year, more than 700 students take part in the internship program in over 1,500 partner companies.

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A degree directly related to the business world

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