The TecnoCampus School of Health Sciences (ESCS) of Mataró-Maresme began his career in 2010-2011 . As an affiliated center to a university of excellence, Pompeu Fabra University , the school started its academic activities with Degree studies in Nursing . The academic year 2012-2013, the ESCS expands its training with the Degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and the Master’s Degree in Chronicity and Dependence.

The ESCS has excellent facilities located next to the sea and inside the TecnoCampus Science Park Mataró-Maresme. With an innovative project and a new campus, the ESCS wants to be a centre of excellence in health education in the Maresme region.

To teach its Degrees the ESCS has 5 nursing simulation labs and a multipurpose room for sports with a complete equipment and specific material, where students will work in simulated situations and practices in a virtually real environment.
With the commitment to provide quality teaching, at the ESCS we work in small groups where students are actively involved in the learning process. The proposed methodologies enable continuous evaluation and close monitoring of students by teachers. In addition, each student has during all the years of his/her university life a tutor who will advise him/her on all matters that are of interest. Together, teachers and administrative and service staff are at the service of students and ensure to provide quality university education in order to train them in the exercise of their profession.
In the field of research, the ESCS has active projects in the areas of ageing, physical activity and health, dementia and cancer and is involved in several multidisciplinary projects, one of them within the 7th European Union Framework Programme with the Clínic Hospital and 7 European countries.
TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme works to be a bond of union between the university and the company and as a Science and Innovation Park, it has agreements with the main health centres around, sports and seaports centres, where the ESCS students will do their internships and will be supervised by qualified professionals.

We are aware of our responsibility in training future health and sport professionals and we work hard and with excitement to achieve this commitment. We want our students to be part of this TCM project.

Dr. Esther Cabrera
Director of the School of Health Sciences