TecnoCampus is committed to enabling volunteers to cooperate with all the organizations it works with,  giving altruistic students the opportunity to grow as a person through the different programs organized to help various communities. 

Recognition is given for participating in volunteering activities in the form of credits.  You can earn each credit (up to a maximum of 2 per academic year) for dedicating 25 hours to one or more volunteering programs.  The time dedicated can be rounded off with two free training courses.

* Students on joint honours qualification programs cannot earn University Activity Recognition Credits because their programs do not include elective courses.


TecnoCampus works with TV3 to raise money for its telethon event.  In the 2016 edition, the money raised went to research into strokes and traumatic spinal and brain injuries.

English support program for children with hearing aids and cochlear implants.
The T-Oigo - Allies in English program provides support for the learning English as a second (or third) language for children with hearing difficulties who have cochlear implants and hearing aids taking part in a bilingual education program in our country.  Well consolidated and producing excellent results, we are expanding the program to new cities.

The Centre de Serveis Canpedró need 6 students with a strong grasp of English to help children at risk from social exclusion for 2 hours per week.


Cooperating Volunteers is a company that organizes volunteering experiences in Asia, Africa and South America, by coordinating and advising volunteers.

This private foundation for people with intellectual disabilities is a non-profit social initiative that promotes and advocates the social integration and improvement in the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in the county of El Maresme.

The mission of this hospital foundation is to give access to psychological support to everybody who needs it, from children and young people right through to adults.

You have the opportunity to form part of the LECXIT volunteering program of the Fundació Iluro.  If you enjoy reading, you can accompany a child in their reading development.  You only need an hour a week. If you are interested in taking part, contact lecxit@fundacióiluro.cat

This foundation is a charity that runs a social canteen in the city centre.  It aims to provide support for men and women in need by ensuring they have access to their meals every day.

The Health and Nutrition Conferences aim to raise awareness among the general public of the need to eat healthily and incorporate physical activity as part of their daily routine. We also organize activities to mark World Food Day (16/10).

This free-time mentoring project aims to help children from lower socioeconomic groups to accelerate their social inclusion by building trust and friendship with a university mentor, as well as raising the mentors’ awareness through their participation in a joint social project.

Sabàtica (Sabbatical) is a platform that gives you access to opportunities if you want to take some time out from your life, work or studies.  We run more than 180 volunteering, internship and au pair programs in different countries around the world, offering various options depending on each person’s needs, with programs from two weeks to a year.

Sabàtica: Experiences that change your life!


SABÀTICA – Paid internship in Norway

SABÀTICA - Volunteering in Australia

SABÀTICA - Volunteering in Costa Rica with Sea Turtles

The Sepsis Challenge is a leading charity event in the county and an unmissable date in the diary for all cycling tourists who want to end the season in Catalonia with an activity that is a bit different: a charity ride.

The AGIM (Mataró and El Maresme Integration Group) is an organization for people with brain damage and physical disabilities in the county of El Maresme.  It is the centre of reference of the Fundació Ictus de Catalunya (Catalan Stroke Foundation) in the county and a flagship institution for the Catalan Government.

TecnoCampus also works with the following NGOs:

  • Matres Mundi
  • Vicene Ferrer - Projecte Teaming
  • Càritas Interparroquial de Mataró
  • The Red Cross

This is a program run within the framework of TecnoCampus’s health campus activities.  It aims to educate undergraduates on drug prevention and sexuality issues so that they can advocate good practices in these areas among their peers.

What do we do on this program?

Based on teamwork, professional participation and volunteering programs, we do the following activities:

  • Training to become Health Advocates
  • Health promotion activities in the university setting and occasionally at nightlife venues in the county.
  • Training in social intervention dynamics


The program is divided into 3 blocks of 25 hours in total.  Each block consists of a training section and an intervention section, which takes place before the term examination period to prevent it from interfering excessively with students’ academic commitments.

Is there any recognition of my participation?

Of course!  As well as helping people to make good decisions in relation to their health, the program will reward your time and effort with a University Activity Recognition Credit and a certificate of participation from the Catalan Public Health Agency.

Click here to download a PDF with information on the course’s content and schedule.

Alongside the psychological care and treatment we provide, in order to ensuring that our professional activity is as rigorous as possible and constantly updated, we run activities related to healthcare promotion, training and the dissemination of knowledge.

We currently work with various postgraduate courses, universities and scientific organizations that organize training activities for professionals. From the perspective of health promotion and prevention, we organize complementary activities for psychological treatment with the aim of promoting attitudes that encourage personal and group improvement, such as personal growth working groups, conferences, professional talks on topics of interest etc.

Click here to volunteer or register for the course.

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