At UACU we want to promote the cultural activites for our students: creating grups activities, asociations and organizing cultural activities at the university.

If you are interested into participate in some activities, create another new group or be informed, contact us at


Cultural activities at TecnoCampus


Colla Castellera (Human towers)

This is a deeply-rooted catalan tradition which will allow you to know more about catalan culture and people.
Join them, they meeting every Tuesday and Friday from 14h to 16h at Plaça Tecnocampus.

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Theatre Group

The Theatre Group aims to encourage the development of its members' scenic skills. During the whole academic year the Theatre Group works on the preparation of the final presentation.

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Street Dance

If you want to learn some types of dancing like Popping, Locking, Break Dance, Tricking, Hip hop, New style, Free style, Dubsteb dance, Shuffle... join the street dance group!

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LGBT+ Group

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group of TecnoCampus allows all the people of the university to learn more about it's collective: history, difficulties and another topics of that world.

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