Corporate acceleration program

The Corporate Acceleration Program is tailor-made for the company that poses a challenge that seeks an innovative and fast solution to the demands of the market. 

This program connects the company with the innovative start-up world. We capture entrepreneurs who can solve the challenges posed and put them to work together with the company. A win-win relationship is generated. 

  • The challenge 
  • The people who will be involved 
  • Time (adapted to the company) 


We launch the challenge to the entrepreneurs of our community and study the different solutions proposed in coordination with the team of the company involved.  

The company has access to what is happening in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The nexus between company and startup makes it an open-minded, innovative and pioneering company; which wants to bring differential value to its customers. 

Technology is changing at a breakneck pace and companies are being forced to adapt quickly. Coordination with the startup makes this process much easier and faster. 

Prototyping, product testing and validation are done in less time.

Expert consultants are hired according to the specific areas to be addressed in each project.