Support program for companies and the self-employed

Do you have a business in Mataró or El Maresme and want to grow it?
Are you alone or alone in the realm of business and need support in decision making?
Want to sell more? Do you want to analyze aspects that need to be improved in your company and reorient the strategy?
What do we offer you?

From Tecnocampus, with the collaboration ofASSENTED, we offer you an accompaniment custom, with a senior tutor, who for 25 hours and of form practice, will help you consolidate or grow your business.

This program is fully subsidized and therefore will not cost you anything.

This accompaniment is structured in four phases

  • Phase 1: Diagnosis of the current situation of the company.

  • Phase 2: Identification of opportunities for improvement in different areas



    Commercial / sales.

    Marketing / communication.

    Economic / Financial.

    Management Control.


  • Phase 3: Definition and implementation of the action plan for the improvement of the business, with subsequent evaluation of results.

  • Phase 4 Continuity Program - Mentoring (Optional)

Case of business success of participation in the program

Participation requirements

Having established a company or being self-employed in Mataró or the Maresme with less than 5 years of experience.

Be committed to participating in the program by attending meetings with the tutor.


Send an e-mail with the title "CreixPlus +" indicating the name of the company, the contact person, the telephone number and the e-mail.

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