StartHealth Acceleration Program

If you need expert advice to launch your start-up with the best guarantees of success, this is your program. We can help you achieve this.

StartHealth is an acceleration program for newly created start-ups, linked to the health sector with a differentiated value proposition and a clear potential for growth.

The program has the support of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​and the collaboration of ACCIÓ, Ship2B, Bstartup Health, UPF Ventures, 101 ventures, Barcelona Health Hub, the Maresme Health Consortium and the Fundació TIC Salut Social.


    • Start-ups ofthe sector Health from 0-5 years of life
    • With a Minimum Viable Product (MPV)
    • Sector of Digital Health (Web platforms, mobile, AI, IoT, Big Data) or Medical Devices (Medical instruments, rehabilitation, disease diagnosis).


    • Custom program - maximum 10 participants per edition.
    • Training taught by successful specialists and entrepreneurs
    • Individualized expert advice (25h / participant)
    • Access to financing and private investment (Demo Day)
    • Networking and connection activities with the innovative ecosystem
    • Free co-working workspace from the TecnoCampus incubator.

Starthealth program

For six months, the ten start-ups selected will enjoy individualized expert advice, specialized training, connection to the innovative ecosystem, access to funding and free workspace in the TecnoCampus incubator.

  • Individual start-up diagnosis
  • Business model
  • Regulatory and legal
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Mentoring
  • finances
  • Financing
  • Investor Pitch
  • Mentoring

Network of mentors and trainers

The selected mentors are some of the best serial entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.

Martha Prince

 Managing Partner
 BHV Partners 

Daniel Oliver

 Capital Cell 

Francisco Garrido

 BST scope 

Angels Carrió


Alex Espinosa

 Approa Experience

Aurora Rabbit

 Project Manager

Carlos Lorenzo

 General Manager
 Singular Without

Alexandre Casadevall Nierga

 E-Health Consultant
 Pulse group 

Albert Domingo

 TIC Director
 UPF Ventures

Adrià Escolà

 Innovation Manager
 Hebron Valley Institute of Research 

Marc Sansó

 Tech-Management Consultant

Sara Mirabete

 Startups Legal
 Legal Tagram 

Markus Wilhelms

 CEO & Co-Founder

Joseph Cardona

 Onalabs Inno-Hub

Esther Riambau

 Entrepreneur  Co-FOunder & Board Member 
 Hebron Valley & Gate2Brain 

Mireia Nuñez

 Consultant, Mentor, Investor & Co-Founder

Salome de Cambra

 Life Sciences Consultant, Business Angel & Co-Founder 
 HIPRA, WA4STEAM, GENESIS Biomed, TecnoCampus, EIT Health 

Silvia Cufi

Chief Innovation & Digital Transformation Office
Leitat Technological Center 

Vicent Ribas Ripoll

 Research Line Manager 

Marion Esquerdo

 Health & Care Manager 

Bart Huisken

 Co-founder & strategic advisor

Julio Castro


Miguel Angel Tovar

 Investor & Partner
 Pharmacelera & Smartech Capital 

Marc Martinell


Ignatius Heras

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
SeedLink Ventures

Carlos Esteban

 Executive Coach
 Self Employed

Albert Mascarell

 General Manager

Susan Castle

Co-Founder & CEO 
Frontwave Imaging 

Ignatius Costas

Co-Managing Partner 

Albert Rome


Xavier Sansó

Founding Partner 
Metrix Partners

2nd edition Starthealth (2021)



Web design

BIEL GLASSES                                                             

Low vision is a permanent non-reversible deficiency where mobility problems are one of the most significant problems for patients with VB. Biel Glasses has created glasses with mixed reality, AI and robotics to adapt reality to the remaining visual ability of patients that gives them autonomy.



It is a platform for the promotion of healthy habits that serves both people and companies in the health sector. Cardiovascular diseases related to sedentary lifestyles and eating add up to almost half of all deaths in Europe each year. Personalization, scalability, and a combination of technology and healthcare professionals make this product the "Glovo of Health," bringing healthy habits into every home.


Patient identification errors in hospitals have very serious consequences, of which 54% are due to the poor quality of the identification bracelets. Heuristik has created a fingerprint-based identification system that not only avoids reading errors, but also provides information in patient management, while improving the quality of patient service and resource efficiency. hospital.


It is targeted at the specific needs of patients with type 1 diabetes. These patients do not produce insulin and are dependent on regular insulin injection. Hoop Diabetis has created a smart, self-contained, wireless insulin pump that allows you to create feedback-fed feedback, improving your quality of life.


It is an app connected to a wristband that monitors the vital signs of users. Users of this product are seniors who want to live independently without sacrificing their safety. This system also allows relatives to know if there is a problem and to be able to act on time. 

MDA (Asset Map)

It is a gamified and formative itinerary to promote salutogenesis that avoids the stigma of mental illness. The MdA helps users self-manage their mental health. Through an App, the user will receive, once the indicated route is completed, their state of health and the steps to follow to improve.


It is a virtual learning mine for nurses both in surgical instrumentation and in the preparation of the necessary material for operating rooms. This system will help nursing professionals learn to work in an operating room in a safe way, improving its quality and reducing the number of learning hours. 


It controls patients in the plant, optimizing workflows in hospitals / residences and improving the quality of service. The product is a smart band that monitors its vital signs, falls of users and through ML, warns health professionals before the patient enters a critical condition.


Neurodegenerative diseases cause a progressive and constant deterioration of the Central Nervous System and unfortunately, there is no treatment today that can prevent or cure anything. The Neuroflav team has identified a molecule, called MIND, with promising in vitro and in vivo results. MIND has "multitarget" activity, that is, it is able to act in different molecular processes of the disease.

1nd edition Starthealth (2020)



Web design

AGE & THECITY                                                                        


App linked to a wearable that uses Big Data technology and Machine learning that offers personalized recommendations that promote healthy aging. A tool that provides very useful information for health authorities to implement public health policies aimed at improving the provision of services and making cities healthier.






Automatic drug dispensing device, which aims to increase adherence to drug treatments and reduce errors in medication administration. It consists of hardware (dispenser + blisters) and software for real-time therapeutic adherence monitoring. It avoids forgetfulness in taking medication and mistakes in medication. In addition, it anticipates the risk of relapse.

BREAZ: COPD DETECT                                                                         



Device for early detection of chronic respiratory disease, COPD, which progressively blocks the airways causing serious respiratory problems. The device is designed specifically for primary care (where most undiagnosed patients are present) as a tool for rapid screening for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 





Portable and easy-to-use medical device that provides high-precision measurements of joint movement of the human body using inertial sensors. Thanks to IoT technology and artificial intelligence, it allows to detect abnormalities in joint movement and monitor the evolution of rehabilitation treatment. The most relevant applications of this technology are for degenerative diseases, accidents and sports injuries.

DINBEAT LIFE                                                                            


Multiparametric device that allows to monitor remotely, in real time and by wireless connection the vital constants (electrocardiogram, heart and respiratory rate, temperature, oximetry), activity and position of the patients. They have a wearable marketed for application in veterinary medicine, and will soon launch Dinbeat Life for application in humans.

DYSPHAGIA APP                                                                     

Screening system that improves the diagnosis and management of the risk of patients suffering from oropharyngeal dysphagia. Dysphagia is prevalent in certain diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, pharyngeal cancer, and brain injury. Through artificial intelligence, this hospital use system provides real-time information to clinical staff about the level of risk of dysphagia in patients.



It provides real-time information through the analysis of gene expression (RNA) and artificial intelligence that allows you to accurately measure and control the changes the body undergoes based on nutrition and exercise performed through genetic biomarkers, reducing derived health problems and improving performance and recovery in a personalized way.




Telemedicine tool (mhealth) designed for outpatient pain monitoring during the postoperative period; of application mainly in outpatient interventions, which are becoming more frequent. The application allows the patient to communicate directly with the healthcare team in order to optimize the management of the degree of pain in real time.



Device that, through the use of biomarkers, allows the detection and diagnosis of sepsis in the early stages and very quickly. Rapid identification of sepsis is essential, as if left untreated it can progress to septic shock. The diagnostic tool developed by Loop allows, in a short amount of time, healthcare professionals to make the right clinical decisions.

Medical Devicces Edition

Digital Health Edition



Web design




Personalized digital medicine platform to improve the quality of life of parents and the abilities of children using collective intelligence (Big data).



Application to prevent and control myopia in children.


Personalized telemedicine service for holiday trips.


Intelligent inventory management system that uses barcodes / QR codes to track breast milk bottles through the hospital neonatal unit ecosystem




Application that wants to connect people and psychologist, adapting to the most appropriate format for customer needs: physical visit, call or video call.

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