1. Residences with which TecnoCampus has an Agreement

The TecnoCampus has agreements with other residences that offer benefits to its students. Among them, you will find residences with a large number of places and different types of accommodation and smaller residences with a family treatment:


    ONIX RESIDENCE It is your perfect choice if you come to study in Barcelona.

    C / Sardenya, 101-137 08013 Barcelona
    loss. 932 666 100 fax 932 666 101

  • Barcelona resident

    Tantarantana, 15
    08013 Barcelona
    Tel. (+ 34) 932687879



    C / Carmen Amaya 10, 08390 Montgat
    loss. 934 625 050   

    email: hello@sixlemonworld.com

2. Resa: University Residences

The residences are buildings intended for the accommodation of students and teachers linked to the Universities. They have fully equipped rooms with capacity for one or two people and complementary services to make your stay easier

Resa University residences

Resa offers versatile, dynamic and functional university residences that are accommodations that adapt to the lives of students, international mobility and the needs of the universities with which they collaborate.

During the summer, student residences open their doors to other types of public (sports groups, summer courses, cultural meetings, etc.) and offer an option of affordable and quality accommodation.

You will find:

  • Accommodation for academic and temporary courses per month
  • Daily and weekly accommodation.
  • Accommodation for groups.
  • Summer accommodation 

The Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation, with regard to the university life service, has the function of disseminating the accommodation offers it receives, in order to make it easier for students to make contact with the entities or individuals offering them. At no time is it responsible for the veracity of the information published or for the subsequent relationship that students and bidders may establish.