1.How many people can accompany me to the graduation ceremony?

Taking into account the capacity of the venue where the event is held (Tecnocampus Auditorium), in the case of degrees, the number of companions is limited to two people for each graduate, and two more who will be able to follow the ceremony through of a large screen from the room attached to the auditorium (Foyer).


2. Is it obligatory for me to register because I am the one who graduated?

Yes, you need to register because the registration of your guests will be linked to your registration. If the graduate is not registered, the registration of the guests will be rejected.  

3.Where should registrations be made?

In the TecnoCampus agenda, in the link that the centre secretaries will send to graduates, which are all those enrolled who are ready to complete their studies this year.

4. Is it necessary to pay for the tickets to the Graduation?

No. All tickets are free.

5.Where do I have to register the guests?

When you register, you must indicate your companions. You can register up to 4 companions: 2 in the Auditorium and 2 in the Foyer. 

6.I want to change the guests I signed up for, how do I do that?

In this case you must send an email to secretaria.centre@tecnocampus.cat making the request for this change  

7. Can I transfer a ticket from a companion that I will not use to another graduate?

Yes, you will have to complete your registration and that of your companions, whether they are family members or your friends or those of the companion to whom you give the ticket. When you receive the confirmation with the ticket, you can forward it to the fellow graduate to whom you give one of your invitations.

8. Can I myself register more guests than I am entitled to, knowing that there are colleagues who will not use all the tickets?

Yes, as explained in the previous point. 

9. I have made my registration and that of my companions but I need to register another companion

You will have to send an email to secretaria.centre@tecnocampus.cat 

10.I only view one registration / entry but I have made several registrations

The fact that you only see one entry can be for different reasons:  

1. You have put different email addresses to receive tickets, instead of just one. You should check the other addresses.  

2. Another cause may be that the messages have gone to Spam or Spam folders, check them.  

3. Finally, the mail manager you use (especially Gmail) may group all your emails into one: you should look at the message header, on the left, if it puts a 2, 3, 4 or 5, indicating that you have multiple emails together.  

4. If you still haven't been able to view the entries, you will have to communicate this by mail to secretaria.centre@tecnocampus.cat  

11.I can't re-register because it appears to me that this email has already been used, how can I do it?

The program already has your email from the previous registration registered. you will have to use another (student's, Gmail-Hotmail's, etc. or a family member's).

12. On graduation day, how do I enter the ceremony?  

The event will take place in the Auditorium of the Tecnocampus Congress Center, accreditations will be held in the lobby space in front of the Reception of the TCM2 building.  

On the day of the ceremony, you must arrive at the graduation site at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, in order to receive instructions from the staff who will ensure that the celebration runs smoothly. 

Companions must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event.  

Remember that everyone who attends the event must have the QR code on their mobile phone or in print

13. If I am late for my graduation, what should I do?  

You can’t be late for graduation, on the day of the ceremony you must arrive at the graduation venue, well in advance to enter the room and receive instructions from the staff who will ensure the smooth running of the celebration. In any case, in the entrance hall in front of the Reception of the TCM2 building, you must identify yourself and identify yourself as the person at the check-in desk. Depending on the time of the event, it will be decided to be able to access and participate or only access the Auditorium.  

14. If I have to cancel, do I have to communicate it?  

Yes, you must send an email to secretaria.centre@tecnocampus.cat  

15. What is the approximate duration of the event?  

The event lasts approximately 55 minutes. You should bear in mind that it may vary according to the dynamics and the number of graduates who attend.

16. Will I pick up the official degree at graduation?

 The diploma awarded is symbolic, and in no case has any academic validity.    

17. If I do not attend the event, will the diploma be sent home?  

This diploma is made exclusively for the graduation ceremony, and will not be sent later. You can pick it up at the Tecnocampus in a maximum period of three months.  

18. If one of the people accompanying me or myself have a special need (reduced mobility, anxiety, hearing problems, vision problems, etc.), do I need to communicate this? How should I do it?  

To be able to plan all the measures and react appropriately, you must indicate any special needs on the registration form or contact secretaria.centre@tecnocampus.cat. For other queries you can contact the Student Information Point through https://helpdesk.tecnocampus.cat/  

19. Is there a specific dress code for graduation?  

No, there is no specific dress code, but as it is an academic act, we recommend formal dresses.  

20. Where can I see the photos and videos of the graduation ceremony?  

We inform you that the images taken during the event will be available to all participants and can be used in subsequent dissemination through the website and social networks of the Tecnocampus. Therefore, participating in the event implies the acceptance by all attendees (graduates and companions) of these conditions.   

You can also find photos and videos there d'edicions anteriors  

And if you have any other questions, contact the Student Information Point (PIE)


We can help you by phone, via email and in person to answer any questions you may have.

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