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At the TecnoCampus, CONNECT with dance, music and theatre!

The THEATRICAL ACTION WORKSHOP it will be a space where theater will be experienced with intensity, starting from dynamics, exercises
and interaction. Understanding the theater as a space of freedom, expression and creation.
The workshop will work:

  • THE BODY: The body as emotional expression, as creator of
  • characters.
  • THE VOICE: He sees her as an emotional expression, as a creator of forms and
  • characters.
  • IMAGINATION / IMPROVISATION: Ability to react, to create objects and characters

A dramatization process will also be developed, in order to carry out a scenic construction created, day by day, by all the participants.

  • Acquire the mastery of body expression and the communicative facility to relate to others and in front of an audience
  • Develop theatrical expression techniques while exploring expressive capacities and potential
  • Generate confidence, respect and self-awareness
  • Encourage participation, creativity and decision-making within the creative process

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday 

Time: The sessions will be from 15.00:17 to 00:XNUMX

Where: Pending

Price: Free

During the first trimester, the objectives of this activity are to work on body awareness, breathing, stretching and basic knowledge in order to be able to dance and improvise by experiencing the musicality and physical possibilities of one's own body. We will also experience the different dynamics of movement, bearing in mind intensity, energy, among other aspects that directly influence how we move and that allow us to play with expressiveness.

The sessions start with a warm-up where we will attend to flexibility, weight and body alignments to develop body awareness, breathing and will follow with a series of dynamics that will put into play all the aspects that have been discussed previously.

During the second and third term, with all the material arising from the work during the first stage of the course, we will go into a process of creating a shared interest with the group that will materialize with a sample. Being able to show serves to bring into play other aspects related to the performing arts such as stage space, presence, communication, creativity, etc.

With movement and dance you have the opportunity to harmonize our state of mind, promoting concentration and also encouraging positive thinking towards ourselves and to disconnect for a while from everyday life.

Come and try it out!

When: October 19 to November 30

Day: Thursday

Time: Pending new programming


Price: Free