TecnoCampus Debate League



Do you get nervous when you know you have to speak in front of an audience? Do you want to be able to communicate efficiently, be original and learn to convince your interlocutor? Do you want to learn how to speak in public and acquire confidence and confidence when articulating a good speech?

If you enjoy debating with friends about current issues, speaking in public, practicing and improving your speaking skills, and looking for the strengths and weaknesses of a speech ... this is your activity!

The TecnoCampus Debate League is an activity aimed at all students in the university community with the aim of encouraging debate and oratory techniques by enhancing skills such as leadership, teamwork, strategy and creativity. This course aims to provide tools to develop your potential as a speaker.

We will provide you with both short theoretical pills and above all practical ones that will allow you to consolidate the knowledge presented previously. In short, an experiential experience that should allow you to increase your self-knowledge as a person, discover your virtues and aspects to improve, and develop your discursive autonomy and debate efficiently. 

During the 10 sessions you will perform short improvisation exercises and extensive presentations that will help you get over your nerves, select relevant information, structure speeches and project them with an earring. You will enjoy continuous personalized attention that will allow you to gain flexibility in various registers and increase your oral possibilities.

  • Promote the use of oratory from academic rigor. Influence practical learning to acquire basic skills in discourse creation and presentation. Adequacy to the register.
  • Lose the fear of facing an audience or the media. Discover one's own virtues to enhance them orally
  • Know the general aspects of oratory: non-verbal, para-verbal and verbal communication. Provide more content and continent
  • Enhance the oral skills of various professional profiles. Encourage creativity (inventio), structuring (dispositio) and articulation (actio).
  • Practice the techniques learned orally, acquire ease and experience and, at the same time, increase the personal degree of self-esteem and security in front of an audience. Continuous follow-up and feedback.
  • Analyze and evaluate one's own oral interventions and those of other group members, in order to become aware of one's own weaknesses that need to be improved and the strengths that need to be strengthened.


Teaching staff: Josep Mª Castellà and Andreu Paneque

Language: Catalan

Duration: 30 hours (1 ECTS). 24 hours of training (8 sessions) + 6 hours of competition (2 days).

Schedule: 3 hours per week. Every Monday from 11 a.m. to 14 p.m. (morning shift) and from 15 p.m. to 18 p.m. (afternoon shift), to choose from.

Formation: 10/10/2022 al 28/11/2022

Competition: 1 of December of 2022

Classroom: TCM2-Sala Laia l'Arquera (morning) and TCM1-111 (afternoon)

Addressed to: University students with concern for the comprehensive training of the individual. To all those who want to equip themselves with a transversal tool that brings efficiency to any job and area of ​​daily life.

Number of participants: If a minimum group of 10 people is not established, the activity will not go ahead.

Price: €25

* The winning team undertakes to participate in the semi-finals and finals of the UPF Debate League, otherwise, recognition of RAC credits will not be possible.

Do you want to participate?

Application for credit recognition


Information by activity claimed in catalog of RAC Credits.

Submission of the necessary documentation before the deadline May 31. Download here the points to be described in the report to be submitted.

From the day 8 in June it will be possible to proceed to the recognition of RAC credits through e-Secretariat.

* The winning team must agree to participate in the UPF debate league, otherwise the RAC Credit will not be recognized.