Delegates of the TecnoCampus

The delegate is very important for the good academic monitoring of the degrees. He is the basic interlocutor for the TecnoCampus university center.

The delegates are chosen by the other members of the academic group at the beginning of the year, are part of the teaching committees of the centers and are in direct contact with the University Life unit.

You can consult and download the directory of academic group delegates to know who to contact. If you are a delegate and cannot find your name, contact us through correu de UACU

Student representatives on the Governing Board

The Governing Commission is the body representing the Management of the Tecnocampus that approves regulations, budgets and other proposals. They meet once a year.

You will find all the information about the functions of the commission both in the normativa general de la Fundació  as well as the School regulations:

Credits for student representation

The recognition of credits for the activity of student representation involves compliance with a series of rules, consult the regulations and reference documentation: