Now  University Community Care Unit (UACU) a program is developed and proposed to energize university life, which contemplates the sports practice, la participation in cultural activities and leisure of the University and the city, lmembership in university groups and associations and volunteering.  So here you have the different ones activities (some of them with RAC credit recognition) aimed at TecnoCampus students, in order to energize university life and let this be more easy, attractive and fun!


Field of action

Cultural activities

Vida Universitària promotes cultural activities within the university. Find out about all the activities that are organized.

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Sports activities

Vida Universitària aims to promote the practice of sports among students, creating teams, organising internal championships and facilitating participation in university competitions.


Cooperation and volunteering

TecnoCampus encourages volunteering and cooperation together with all the organizations and entities with which it collaborates.

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Associations of the TecnoCampus

The TecnoCampus has created a register of internal student associations, with the aim of looking after the interests of the associations, making them known within the university area, as well as promoting the various activities in order to energize life university student

What we do ?


TecnoCampus offers you different transporte options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Advantage club

The best discounts from Apple, Booking and Caldea Inuu, among others, are waiting for you! TecnoCampus offers you a service of discounts and advantages with more than 300 suppliers.

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Information on accommodation options

TecnoCampus provides information in order to make the search for university accommodation easier according to the needs of each person.


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