The Students’ Association is a group created by and for TecnoCampus students to organize university activities.

As a TecnoCampus student, you are entitled to become a member of the Association.  In fact, when you enrol, unless you request otherwise, you automatically become a member.  The Association has the following objectives:

  • Representing and defending the interests and rights of TecnoCampus students.
  • Promoting and encouraging student participation in the University’s governing bodies.
  • Demanding and promoting improvements the quality of the tuition.
  • Offering an information and support service for students.
  • Promoting interest in culture at the University.
  • Fostering the creativity of the students of TecnoCampus Mataró Maresme
  • Making contact with students and students’ associations at other universities.
  • Offering the chance to form part of the different sections of the Association: sporting activities, photography groups, the castellers club, the theatre group, etc.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in our services, please send us an email to


  • 1

    TEDx TecnoCampus is a platform of independent events that aim to create a unique meeting, where we share ideas, reflections and knowledge


  • 2
    Buddy Program

    This program is designed to accompany and give support to international students who come to TecnoCampus to make things as easy as possible for them as they arrive and settle in.  It involves pairing a local student with an international newcomer.


  • 3
    The Castellers Club

    The TecnoCampus Passerells is the university club of castellers (human castles) of TecnoCampus de Mataró (TCM). Founded in 2011 and a member of the Catalan Coordinator of Castellers Clubs, the club currently has 150 members.  They practise on Tuesdays and Fridays between 14:00 and 16:00 and do four events in the winter and four in the spring.  In addition, they organize a football tournament, barbecues, calçot grills, etc.


  • 4
    Cultural and Social Commission

    This commission takes charge of organizing and promoting social activities and parties at TecnoCampus.  We arrange activities, tournaments, performances and barbecues to ensure that there is a great atmosphere at the University and that the students enjoy themselves.


  • 5

    We are students at the University who are working to set up an official TecnoCampus eSports League that is not only open to students here but also at other universities.  We will organize various tournaments of the latest games to create a community of gamers at the university.


  • 6
    Jocs de Taula i Rol

    The commission JTR wants to promote the creation of leisure activities such as: Board games, interpretive games or Rol, and others like "Magic the Gathering". Also we create tournaments, apt for everybody!

    + INFO:

  • 7
    Theatre Group

    The aim of the Theatre Group is to give training in performance techniques to students who take part in this activity, to enhance their public speaking competence, improvisation skills and conflict resolution abilities in the academic and professional sphere.


  • 8

    We are IAESTE TecnoCampus, a group of students who want to do a professional internship abroad.  We want to broaden our curriculum, acquire knowledge and grow both professionally and personally.    We participate in a student exchange program known as IAESTE.  The IAESTE Organization gives public and private companies and institutions the opportunity to incorporate foreign students from any specialty on their internship programs.


  • 9

    We are a group of mechanical and electronic engineers who have decided to take part in the next edition of MotoStudent.  The MotoStudent competition is aimed at universities with engineering students who, over the course of a year and a half, develop and manufacture a 2,500 cc racing motorbike, before finally taking part in the competition with the motorbike built by the students.


  • 10
    Analog Resistance
    El nostre objectiu és potenciar la fotografia analògica dins la comunitat d'estudiants del Tecnocampus, oferint un espai on es disposi dels recursos necessaris per practicar-la. Aprendre a disparar en analògic permet educar la visió fotogràfica i valorar el fet de capturar instants amb la càmera, ja que el/la fotògraf/a disposa d'un nombre limitat d'exposicions per carret i requereix un procés artesanal per obtenir les fotografies realitzades. Si t'apassiona la fotografia, no dubtis en fer el pas a l'analògic amb nosaltres! +INFO:
  • 11

    Grup d'estudiants que participem i donem a conèixer Uniraid, una gran aventura humana, esportiva i solidària. On la nostra missió és: repartir +40Kg de material solidari amb un cotxe de més de 20 anys i 4x2 1300cc creuant el Marroc de Nord-Sud i d'Aquest-Oest pel desert del Sahara i per les antigues rutes del Paris-Dakar