The TecnoCampus has created a register of internal student associations, with the aim of looking after the interests of the associations, making them known within the university area, as well as having control over the census of the different entities that make up the associative fabric.

Competence over this register rests with the University Community Service Unit (UACU).

Associations of the TecnoCampus

The TecnoCampus currently has four associations in the associative fabric:

AsEst is a group created by the university's own students. It is made up of different commissions from all areas and led by the students themselves.

It is responsible for looking after the interests of all students and aims to organize university activities of all kinds: cultural, sporting, social and recreational; supporting all initiatives by the commissions.

If you are not yet a member you can do so in this link!

Also, during the course, any student can join all the commissions they want, having the possibility of recognizing between 2 and 6 credits in the whole degree.

The main objectives of the AsEst are to:

  • Represent and defend the interests and rights of TecnoCampus students.
  • Promote and encourage student participation as a governing body of the university itself.
  • Demand and promote the improvement of teaching quality.
  • Offer an information and assistance service to the student.
  • Promote the interest in culture at the University.
  • Encourage the creativity of TecnoCampus students.
  • Establish contacts with students and student associations from other universities.
  • Being able to be part of the different commissions that make up AsEst: sports activities, photography groups, colla castellera, Buddy Program...

Do you have any doubts? Get in touch with AsEst!

Directory of AsEst commissions


The aim of Analog Resistance is to promote analog photography within the Tecnocampus student community, offering a space where the necessary resources are available to practice it. You will learn to shoot in analog and appreciate the fact of capturing moments with the camera, as there is a limited number of exposures per reel.

If you are passionate about photography, do not hesitate to switch to analog!

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A group of students work with the aim of establishing a real and accessible “bridge” between the university and the financial world, the investment bank and the financial culture in general. Different debates, conferences, talks and workshops are organized and the Stock Exchange League at the state level.

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International program that aims to accompany and support international students who come to study at the TecnoCampus, in order to make their arrival and adaptation as easy as possible.

During the course different activities are organized to get to know each other among the members of the committee.

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Bytemaster TecnoCampus RT is a committee made up of mechanical and electronic engineers determined to participate in the edition of MotoStudent.

The MotoStudent competition is aimed at universities with engineering students who develop and manufacture a 2500cc competition motorcycle over a year and a half, and finally take part in this competition with the motorcycle created by them.

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Healthy and Sustainable Campus is an initiative of the TecnoCampus that aims to promote health and an active and healthy lifestyle in the university community.

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Student group that organizes an eSports League, where students from all universities compete in different tournaments of current games.

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Group of students who share their knowledge in order to complete their academic training by doing internships abroad through the IAESTE exchange program.



Board and Role Playing Games encourages the creation of leisure activities such as board games, acting or role-playing games or other games such as Magic the Gathering. 

During the course, there are also different tournaments of these activities suitable for all students!

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TEDxTecnoCampus (UPF) is a group of students who organize the edition of TEDx, an event that brings together ideas, reflections and connects people.

Be part of the team and help them create a unique experience!
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UniRaid TecnoCampus is a group of students who participate in the annual edition of UniRaid, a great human adventure, sports and solidarity, where the mission is to distribute + 40kg of solidarity material with a car over 20 years old and 4x2 1300cc crossing the north-southwestern Morocco through the Sahara desert and the old Paris-Dakar routes.



It is a group of students who organize and carry out events related to the sport of padel. If you like paddling and want to participate in the activities we organize, sign up for our committee.



Register a commission

If you have thought about creating a committee within ASEST: Contact the AsEst

The AsEst board will advise you on how to register your student commission. It is necessary that before doing any other procedure, you request a joint technical meeting with theAsEst.


The Associació dels Passerells are the university castle group of the TecnoCampus in Mataró. It was founded in 2011 and is a member of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya.

It is the tenth university castellera group to appear and the third to become a member of the Coordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya, after the Ganàpies of the UAB and the Pataquers of the URV. They have the support of the Capgrossos of Mataró, the main conventional castle group in the Maresme. During the course, they rehearse every Tuesday and Friday in the Plaza del Tecnocampus. They dress in lilac shirt and their best castles are the 2 of 7 with lining, the pillar of 6 with lining, the 3 of 7 and the 4 of 7.

They were born during Christmas 2010. The first rehearsal took place on February 15, 2011. A month later, on March 31, they unloaded their first castle, a pillar of 3. The performance made -during the radio program El matí i la mare that gave birth to him on Ràdio Flaixbac, broadcast live from the Tecnocampus Auditorium. On November 14, 2011 the board of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya approved the entry of the Tecnocampus Passers to the entity. On December 10, 2015, on their Winter Day, they manage to make the best performance since their beginnings: 3de7, 2de7f, 4de7 and Pde6f.

The gang currently consists of about 150 entrants. Rehearsals are every Tuesday and Friday from 14pm to 16pm and there are 4 main gatherings in winter and 4 in spring spring.

Get in touch with them through their websitemail ol 'Instagram.


It is a group of students in charge of organizing cultural events at the TecnoCampus to promote various activities, within a very wide range, in order to promote university life among all students.

Get in touch through the mail ol 'Instagram.

Associació TecnoCampus Motorsports is formed in order to create a working group to be able to develop an electric vehicle to compete in Formula Student, a competition where university students from all over the world compete in the design, development, construction and driving of a single-seat vehicle, combining engineering and business aspects. We currently have 65 members from 8 different degrees of the TecnoCampus university center.

Get in touch through the mail, website or their social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn i Twitter





Student associations that wish to operate in the university area of ​​the TecnoCampus must register in the TecnoCampus Association Register.

If you have thought about creating a new association:

UACU will advise you on how to register your student association. It is necessary that before doing any other procedure, you request a technical meeting with the UACU.

Conditions to be met: In order for the TecnoCampus to recognize an association, it must meet the following conditions:

  1. Associations must present one registration request addressed to the Registry of TecnoCampus Associations and by email to, and signed by the three students of the board where the president must be a student enrolled at the center and interlocutor. 
  2. That their partners are mostly students of the TecnoCampus and that they are in full use of their academic rights.
  3. That among his partners there must be a minimum of three students with enrollment valid at TecnoCampus. 
  4. That the association is properly registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat of Catalonia or in the corresponding register of associations in the case of associations whose scope of action is the whole of Spanish territory.
  5. Let it be open to all TecnoCampus students.
  6. That the Association be duly registered .

The TecnoCampus has created a register of internal student associations, with the aim of looking after the interests of the associations, making them known within the university area, as well as having control over the census of the different entities that make up the associative fabric.
Competence over this register rests with the University Community Service Unit (UACU).

1. Application for registration signed by three TecnoCampus students forming the association, one of whom must be the interlocutor, indicating the following information: name, identity document number, postal address, address electronic, telephone and link with the TecnoCampus with indication, if applicable, of the degree and course of your study.
2. Document certifying the registration in the
Registry of Associations of the Generalitat or in the corresponding register.
3. Copy of the founding act and the association's Statutes sealed by the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya or by the corresponding registry.
4. Certification, issued by the competent body of the association, in which the number of partners who are students with valid enrollment at TecnoCampus.


The use of the name of the TecnoCampus university center, either literally or by identifying the association with the TecnoCampus, requires the authorization of the relevant unit/authority of the TecnoCampus Foundation, prior to the registration of the association in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat of Catalonia or in the corresponding register.

For this, you need to make your request in point 1 of the registration procedure.

The application submission period is the most of September and January of the current year.

If you want to submit the request for recognition of credits for the activity that the Association will develop, first your association must be approved and then you must follow the procedure to be able to make the request for recognition of RAC Credits for the proposed and approved activity.

The following are duties of the associations:

a) Develop their activities always respecting the rules of university coexistence, freedom of expression, legality and the regulations of the TecnoCampus.

b) Respect and preserve the heritage of the TecnoCampus as well as the members of the university community, including its partners.

c) Communicate to TecnoCampus any change in its statutes or in the contact details of the people who represent them.

d) Present an annual report of the activities carried out and justify the expenses incurred from the aid of the TecnoCampus, before the end of the first term of the course, which contains the following documentation:

Failure to comply with these conditions will give rise to a notice to the association, through which it will be granted a period of fifteen days to resolve the deficiencies detected. If these issues have not been resolved by the end of this period, their registration in the Registry will be cancelled, by resolution of the Directorate of the University Community Support Unit.