The University Community Service Unit (UACU) manages a series of resources and equipment for the different groups of university students of the TecnoCampus.


Reference space for managing the logistical and material resources of the different commissions that make up the ASEST, as well as the meeting space and headquarters of the TecnoCampus Student Association. In order to be able to use it collaboratively, a reservation process and the usage protocol must be followed.

This space has the following equipment:

  • 1 meeting room with capacity for about 15 people.
  • 1 free access space that has useful furniture to create spaces for meeting and creating networks between the groups, with 10 private and temporary use cabinets to store the groups' material.


In order to be able to make use of the common space, follow the indications of the use protocol established in the regulations for the use of TecnoCampus spaces:

  • The facility's opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • If you want to reserve a space, fill in the following form 

The university central square is the most emblematic space of TecnoCampus university life, a space for use, walking, interaction and rest for the entire TecnoCampus community. In order to be able to use it collaboratively, you must follow a reservation process, wait for the approval of the activity and follow the usage protocol.

If you want to make a request, fill in the form 

Protocol for use of Plaça Universitat in the event that the activity is authorised.

  • You must request use of the space with a minimum three weeks notice to the UACU in order to be able to process the relevant authorization.
  • If unit material is used, it must be cleaned before and after use.

Equipment Not subject to Fee but prior UACU authorization and space availability:

  • 1 space with furniture and network connection points.
  • University Hall: Presentations of commissions/services, exhibitions.
  • Classrooms or others according to availability: Presentations, conferences,...

If you want to reserve any of the previously mentioned equipment, you can do so by filling out the following form.

if you wantreserve one of the different spaces offered can be done by filling in the following form and specify which one in OTHERS. 

Once we receive the request we will contact the person responsible to explain the procedure to follow.


The groups of students enrolled in the Directory of ASEST commissions or authorized by the University Life Unit of the TecnoCampus can enjoy direct grants for the transfer of material for the activities they develop at the TecnoCampus.

To enjoy these grants, you must fill in this  form. Subsequently, the availability of the requested material will be checked and the reservation request will be confirmed by email.

The following material is available:

  • 10 plastic folding tables of 180 x 80 cm. Suitable for information stands, stalls or similar activities.
  • 20 plastic folding chairs.

If you want to reserve any of these resources you can do so by filling out the following form

For the activities that you want to carry out outside the Square, you will need the prior authorization of the corresponding management.

TecnoCampus student committees and groups can request support for the dissemination and promotion of their activities:

  • Publication on the social networks of AsEst and others of the TecnoCampus University Centre. (FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram).
  • Publication of news in the Student Bulletin.
  • Publication of news on the TecnoCampus portal.
  • Diffusion among TecnoCampus delegates.
  • Poster printing: 5 A3 or A4 posters per activity, to be hung in the dissemination reference spaces of the TCM1 and TCM6 buildings of the TecnoCampus.

In order to spread the word about the activities, you must fill in the request registration correctly and provide the graphic image that you want to use for spreading the word, as well as the summary text of the activity.

All graphics with a paper production request must incorporate the official TecnoCampus Logo, you will find it attached to download in the "Documentation" tab of this same dissemination request page.

After the request, it will be managed with the TecnoCampus Communication unit and then the person in charge of the activity will be informed in which media it will be possible to disseminate it.

The request should be made one month in advance.

If you want support in the dissemination you can do it by filling out the following form: