Dates self-enrollment course 2022-23

From the 2nd year onwards, the student formalizes online self-registration.

The calendar provided for self-registration is: 

- From 6 to 14 September: Degree in Nursing and Degree in Physiotherapy and Double Degree Physio / CAFE

- From 9 to 14 September: Degree in CAFE

-From 12 to 18 September: Other undergraduate studies and double degrees

Remember: if you are a new student at TecnoCampus click in this link to access the new access registration.



DO YOU HAVE BONUSES? If you have a large family card, etc. remember that if you have renewed your Large Family card during the last year, you must present the new card before June 30, if you have not already done so. Otherwise, you will not be able to select the gratuity that corresponds to you on the registration screen. You can provide us with the documentation through the e-Secretariat> Bonuses and discounts. You can check the bonuses at the following link
PENDING PAYMENTS: Remember that if you have any outstanding payments, you will not be able to enroll. In this case, to resolve this situation, open a procedure in the e-Secretariat> Economic procedures
FINANCING: If you want to apply for funding, you will also have to process it within the self-registration dates. We will inform you about it soon. More information by clicking here
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For any other financial questions you can open a procedure through the e-Secretariat> Self-registration: Economic incidents

PROGRESS REGULATIONS AND PERMANENCE REGIME We recommend that you consult the progression and permanence regulations before the self-enrollment period begins. In this sense, you must check the following before self-enrollment: If you do not pass 50% of the first year credits, you will not be able to enroll. If you have exhausted all four calls, you will not be able to register if you have not been authorized for an extraordinary call. To access the next course, consult the Progression Regulations.

Extraordinarily, you can request the exception to this rule beyond what is contained in the regulations of the regime of permanence and progression. In this case, it is necessary that you make the application through the e-Secretariat> Progression of studies, during the fifteen days following the publication of the final grades, arguing and justifying the reason. Deadline: September 14 (NON-RENEWABLE). It is recommended that you talk to your tutor beforehand.

These applications will be resolved by Pompeu Fabra University, and as a student you will be waiting to know the resolution of the incident in order to continue or progress the course. TecnoCampus Academic Management will communicate the answer.


Students in the Audiovisual Media Degree must take into account the following: Upcoming enrollment for the 2022-23 course The self-enrollment of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year GMA students does not guarantee enrollment in the same morning or afternoon shift as the previous year. . The self-enrollment is organized by summons, so that depending on the average mark of the transcript, each student can choose the group that suits him best according to availability. The citations that are awarded to each student indicate from which day / time the student can enroll within the established period. Remember that the average mark can be consulted in SIGMA, in the academic transcript of each student.

A very limited number of places are reserved for students who provide documentation that justifies the assignment to a specific shift (MORNING / AFTERNOON). To request it you need to fill out this form and provide the documentation that justifies the request, for example, if the cause is for work, it is necessary to attach: Active employment contract Last payroll Document signed by the company where the working day is specified

THE DEADLINE to request and provide the documentation is: from June 20 to July 22, 2022.

For any other doubt or academic incident you can open a procedure using thee-secretary > Self-enrollment: Academic incidents.