One in three students have obtained some type of scholarship:


Scholarships awarded by the Tecnocampus


Aid granted by the Generalitat (ACA)


Scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training


Scholarships for athletes


UPF Talent Scholarships


Covid-19 aid


University-Company Degree Scholarships (Aqua Hotel)


FecunMed scholarships


Top marks or extraordinary baccalaureate award


Staff and children of staff


On the Move scholarships


Erasmus scholarships

TecnoCampus scholarship programs

TecnoCampus Scholarships

With economic and academic criteria, which offer different renewable grants throughout the studies and which are resolved before the end of the pre-registration period for the month of June. 

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General scholarships

Official undergraduate and master's degree students from the Tecno-Campus can apply for scholarships from the Ministry of Education to obtain different financial aid depending on the academic and economic criteria set by the call. 

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Grants for university students from affiliated centres (ACA)

These grants are intended to partially compensate the student for the costs of university tuition for official degree studies. 

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Here you will find the other more specific scholarships.

Scholarships on the Move

They aim to partially cover the costs of students receiving exchange and mobility places during their stay at universities with which the TecnoCampus has signed bilateral agreements outside Europe. 


Fecunmed Scholarships

For students who have enrolled in a university master's degree or master's or postgraduate degree from the ESCST.



Impulsa Scholarships

With academic and economic criteria, for students who begin university master's studies. 


Talent Scholarships

They aim to recognize and reward the effort and talent of students with excellent academic achievement in pre-degree studies, regardless of their financial situation. 


Scholarships for the Pont Solidari al Món project

The purpose of this call is to promote the incorporation of fourth-year students of the Degree in Nursing by carrying out an internship at the NGO Pont Solidari al Món.


Explanatory brochure of the TecnoCampus Grants and Aids Program

If you meet the academic and financial requirements of the call, you can get a scholarship for the total or partial amount of tuition.


With regard to concessions, the accreditation of certain personal situations allows you to enjoy discounts on the official registration prices: 

  • Large family title of general category (first), and special category (second or honorary).

  • Certificate of global honor enrollment in Baccalaureate (new students).

  • Credits with honorary registration.

  • Discount for being an employee of a company with an agreement with TecnoCampus.

  • Certificate of disability (minimum degree of 33%).

  • Resolution accrediting the situation of a victim of terrorist acts.

  • Resolution accrediting the situation of a victim of gender violence.


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