Reservation of group work spaces

Preferential use workspaces for groups. The reservation will be made once you have obtained the confirmation response from the Library.

During exam time, night and weekend reservations will only be taken in person. The booking form only works during regular hours from Monday to Friday from 8:15 to 20:45.

You can see the Library's opening hours here.

You can consult the regulations here.



The acceptance of the reservation is conditional on the availability of the Library.
This question is asked to check whether or not you are a real person and to prevent automated spamming.

Group work spaces

There are 7 group work spaces that are restricted to users linked to the TecnoCampus. You can consult the regulations aquí.

Computer rooms

There are two computer rooms, one on each floor. There is also a printer in each of the rooms.

General use rooms

Access to the general rooms of the Library is free for the TecnoCampus community and for external people. Despite this, if the maximum capacity is reached, the TecnoCampus community has priority to use the facilities.

Large work rooms

There are two large rooms for working in groups of up to 8 people. Tables of different sizes are available, so you can enjoy a functional space.