Expert advice program for access to public R & D & I funds

Do you have a startup or SME and are you looking for public R & D & I funding?

The expert advice program for access to public R & D & I funds is a free program that aims to increase your chances of accessing Next Generation EU funding lines and programs. research, development and innovation (R + D + I) audiences.

Who is it for?

Up to 20 companies from El Maresme that make investments in R&D or have an innovative project, that incorporate digital technologies or elements with a positive impact on the environment, will be able to participate in the program; and that they have a qualified team and committed in the implantation of the project transformador of the company.


What do you stand to gain?

10 hours of specialized technical advice from Consultants specializing in R & D & I financing which will consist of:

  • Defining projects of R+D+I and/or transformation of the production model of the company
  • The identification of financial aid to carry them out
  • The structuring of the project proposal or report for the processing of aid.

You can apply until September 30, 2022!

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Consult the rules and all the information regarding the access requirements and selection criteria

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