Activities for the PDI/PAS 

Currently, a physical activity proposal is offered weekly every Tuesday at 14:15pm and, on a monthly Wednesday a month, in the area of ​​food we hold the "Lunch with the expert". You will find all the information at drop-down list of activities and on the final calendar. Throughout the course, the Psychological Care Service is also offered (SAP) and more specific formations. 

In order to reach the community of workers globally, the CSS Committee of PDI/PAS has been established.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can write to us in the CSS mail.


The two main proposals offered to the working staff are:

Healthy physical activity
  • Functional training:  the aim of this activity is to get to know your body better, improve your strength and mobility through circuits adapted to the physical condition of each worker. By Jan Segura, physical trainer graduated in CAFE at TecnoCampus.
  • Dates: every Tuesday in January and February at 14pm. 
  • Program: Download here
  • Registration: available
  • Mobility and body awareness: the aim of this activity is to re-educate and work on body awareness, release neck and shoulder tension, improve sitting and standing posture and discover how to have a healthy spine and lumbar comfort. By Aida Dominguez, Physiotherapist and graduate in Physical Education in Physiogenics.
  • Dates: every Tuesday in February and May at 14:15 p.m. 
  • Program: Download here
  • Registration: available
  • Nordic walking: the aim of this activity is to explain the technique and train the attendees so that they can perform Nordic walking on their own. By Anabel Casanovas Physiotherapist and PDI at ESCST. Postgraduate and Master's degree in Chest Physiotherapy.
  • Dates: every Tuesday in April at 14:15 p.m. 
  • Program: Download here
  • Registration: available
  • Yoga: the aim of this activity is to carry out weekly hatha/vinyasa yoga practice sessions where stretching, relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises will be carried out. By Carina Roldán
  • Dates: every Thursday from April to June at 14:15 p.m. 
  • Program: Download here
  • Registration: available
Healthy eating
  • Lunch with the expert: the aim of this activity is to deepen knowledge about food and nutrients, and to cook healthy preparations. By Jordi Sarola, nutritionist and associate PDI of the ESCST; Alex Ortiga, chef, trainer and showcooking specialist in healthy cooking workshops.
  1. Dates: every Wednesday at 14:00 p.m. February 8, March 16, April 19, May 17, October 18 and November 22
  2. Program: Download here
  3. Registration: available 

El SAP is a free service that offers a psychological counseling consultation for the entire TecnoCampus university community (students, PAS and PDI) to improve personal well-being and emotional management.

Healthy eating in the work environment

Recommendations to improve the nutritional balance of meals and the content of food and beverage vending machines

Eating healthily and being active in the workplace

Adopting healthy lifestyles, also in the workplace, is critical to maintaining and improving workers health. What should you eat and how often? What can I do at work to move more?

Download PDF

10 tips for a return from holiday in good health!

What can you do to prolong the health benefits of your vacation? How can you decrease post-holiday stress?

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How to be more active and active at the University

10 Tricks to be more active and active at University

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Healthy weight

Body mass index (BMI) is an index of body weight relative to height. It is an indicator used to assess the risk associated with being overweight or underweight.


Calendar of PDI/PAS activities 2023-2024

PDI/PAS health and wellness training calendar

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