Presentation of the Center

The TecnoCampus University Center offers applied science studies aimed at professionalization in the fields of business, technology, cultural industries and health. The center is attached to Pompeu Fabra University and the official degrees it offers have the seal of quality of this University.

The center is located in the technology and university park of the same name, in Mataró, in a different environment that hosts a large number of companies and business growth environments. This ecosystem encourages TecnoCampus students to participate in activities, programs and awards that promote responsible entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

One of the objectives of the TecnoCampus is to develop research, understood as the academic activity focused on the generation of knowledge, with special emphasis on the transfer of knowledge to the company and society. 



Mission and Vision of the TecnoCampus

Create value around learning, research, entrepreneurship and innovation in the territory of Mataró and the Maresme, with projections throughout Catalonia.

To be a technological and university park of reference in Catalonia due to the uniqueness with which it develops the interaction between teaching, research and innovation with its business environment. To be a leader in the deployment of personal learning ecosystems for professionals, for companies and organizations in Catalonia, and at the same time to be recognized at European level as a unique experience in this field.


Throughout the thirteen years of existence of the TecnoCampus park, there have been several evolutions in its operating structure. The Business and University areas have grown and transformed to meet the changing needs of a society in constant transformation. 

The TecnoCampus University Center was born in 2023 from the merger of three pre-existing schools: the TecnoCampus Polytechnic School (ESUPT), the TecnoCampus School of Social Sciences and Business (ESCSET) and the TecnoCampus School of Health Sciences of the TecnoCampus (ESCST). The Escola Superior Politècnica del TecnoCampus (ESUPT) collects the experience of the Escola Universitària Politècnica de Mataró (EUPMt), promoted by Mataró City Council, which was attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for more than 30 years The TecnoCampus Higher School of Social Sciences and Business (ESCSET) became a university reference point since it began its activity in the 1994-1995 academic year, under the initial name of Escola Universitària del Maresme (EUM) , at the old Mataró Nautical Club.

In 2009 the EUPMt, created by the Mataró City Council, and the Maresme University School (EUM), created by the Maresme Regional Council, became the property of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation. In 2010, the transfer of both centers to the new TecnoCampus facilities, promoted by Mataró City Council, took effect. The park hosted the two existing university centers in the city, and innovative companies with high added value that, together, set up a hybrid model between the productive world and the University, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the generation of wealth in the territory

In 2010, in addition, the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation created a third center, the Higher School of Health Sciences, affiliated to the UPF and integrated into the TecnoCampus Park.

Single subscription

In the 2014/15 academic year, the EUPMt, which until then retained its affiliation with the UPC, began its affiliation with the UPF, with the deployment of the UPF study plans and the progressive disaffiliation of the UPC, moment in which it changed its name to become Escola Superior Politècnica del TecnoCampus (ESUPT). To standardize the denominations, the EUM changed its name to the TecnoCampus Higher School of Social and Business Sciences (ESCSET). 

2023 is a crucial year in this evolution regarding the university area. The three university schools are transformed into a single centre, the TecnoCampus University Centre, integrated into the park managed by the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation, which owns it. This center is structured in four departments, which group together the regulated studies of the various fields of knowledge in which the TecnoCampus has specialized: cultural industries, technology, business and health. 

This change paves the way for a greater interrelationship between areas of knowledge, synergies in the operation and a recognition in the Catalan university system of the unique model of the TecnoCampus, a technological park based on knowledge and a university center for applied studies, oriented to professionalization, entrepreneurship and internationalization.   

Governing bodies, management, coordination and participation of the center


Individual Organs

  • Academic Management: Elisa Sayrol Clols
  • Sub-Directorate of Academic Planning: Montse Rabassa Jou
  • Student Relations and Social Commitment Sub-Directorate: Patricia Crespo Sogas
  • Quality Sub-Directorate: Antoni Satué Villar
  • Pompeu Fabra University delegate at the Center: Carles Ramió Matas
  • Business Department Management: Dolors Celma Benaiges
  • Degree Coordination Business Administration and Innovation Management: Núria Masferrer LLabinès
  • Marketing and Digital Communities Degree Coordination: Monica Oviedo León
  • Coordination Double Degree Marketing and CD / Degree Business Administration and GI: Monica Oviedo Leon
  • Coordination Double Degree Tourism and Leisure Management / Degree Business Administration and GI: Judith Turrión Prats
  • Coordination Double Degree Tourism and Leisure Management / Degree Marketing and CD: Judith Turrión Prats
  • Coordination Degree Logistics and Maritime Business: Jesús E. Martínez Marín
  • Management Department of Cultural Industries: Adso Fernández Baena
  • Degree Coordination Audiovisual Media: Jorge Oter González and Santos Martínez Trabal
  • Video Game Design and Production Degree Coordination: Joan Josep Pons López
  • Double Degree Coordination Design and Production of Video Games / IT and IS Engineering: Joan Josep Pons López and Rosa Herrero Antón
  • Directorate Health Department: Meritxell Puyané Oliva
  • Nursing Degree Coordination: Carolina Chabrera Sanz
  • Degree Coordination Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE): Lluís Albesa Albiol
  • Physiotherapy Degree Coordination: Esther Mur Gimeno
  • Coordination Double Degree Physiotherapy / CAFE: Marc Terradellas Fernández
  • Degree Coordination Human Nutrition and Dietetics: Jordi Sarola Gassiot
  • Management Department of Technology: Julián Horrillo Tello
  • Coordination Degree Computer Engineering Management and Information Systems: Rosa Herrero Antón
  • Engineering Coordination (Industrial Organization, Industrial Electronics and Mechanics): Joan Triadó Aymerich
  • Coordination Double Degree Computer Engineering and IS / Design and Production of Videogames: Rosa Herrero Antón and Joan Josep Pons López

 Collegiate Bodies

President of the TecnoCampus Foundation, who chairs it.
Director or general director of the TecnoCampus Foundation. 
Director of the center.
Department directors. 
Two people representing the UPF, one of whom is the UPF delegate at the centre.
Two people representing the teaching staff of the centre. 
Two people representing the students of the center.

Academic Director, who chairs it, 
Directors or Department Directors.
Deputy directors of functional areas.
Director of the General Secretariat of the Foundation.


Director or Academic Director, who presides.
Director or Director General of the Foundation.
Directors or Department Directors.
Course Coordinators. 
Deputy directors of functional areas.
40 members elected by and among the various groups of the university community.


Current composition:

Elisa Sayrol Clols

Josep Lluís Checa

Dolors Celma Benaiges (Director of the Business Department)
Adso Fernández Baena (Director of the Department of Cultural Industries)
Julián Horrillo Tello (Director of the Technology Department)
Meritxell Puyané Oliva (Director of the Health Department)

Montse Rabassa Jou (Deputy Director of Academic Planning
Patricia Crespo Sogas (Deputy Director of Student Relations and Social Commitment)
Antoni Satué Villar (Deputy Director of Quality)

Business Department
Núria Masferrer LLabinès (Bachelor of Business Administration and Innovation Management)
Mónica Oviedo León ( Degree Marketing and Digital Communities and Double Degree Marketing and CD / Degree Business Administration and GI
Judith Turrión Prats (Double Degree Tourism and Leisure Management / Degree Business Administration and GI and Double Degree Tourism and Leisure Management / Degree Marketing and CD)
Jesús E. Martínez Marín (Logistics and Maritime Business Degree Coordination)

Department of Cultural Industries
Jorge Oter González (Graduate Audiovisual Media)
Santos Martínez Trabal (Audiovisual Media Degree)
Joan Josep Pons López (Degree in Video Game Design and Production)

Department of Technology
Rosa Herrero Antón (Computer Engineering Degree in Management and Information Systems)
Joan Triadó Aymerich (Engineering: Industrial Organization, Industrial Electronics and Mechanics) 

Department of Health
Carolina Chabrera Sanz (Nursing Degree)
Lluís Albesa Albiol (Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (CAFE))
Esther Mur Gimeno (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
Marc Terradellas Fernández (Double Degree Physiotherapy / CAFE)
Jordi Sarola Gassiot (Graduate Human Nutrition and Dietetics)

Department of Cultural Industries 
Aina Fernández Aragonés 
Anton Planells De La Maza
Marco A. Rodríguez Fernández

Business Department
Màrian Buil Fabregà
Noemí Ruiz Munzon

Department of Technology 
Enric Sesa Nogueras 
Jaume Teodoro Sadurní
Jordi Ojeda Rodríguez

Department of Health
Bruno Fernández-Valdés Villa
Carla Pérez-Chirinos Buxadé 
Eduard Dominguez Hall
Luciana Moize Arcone
A hard tackle from Víctor Illera to Domínguez

Department of Cultural Industries 
Jordi Soler Alomà

Department of Technology 
Andreu Comajuncosas Fortuño 
Carlos Paul Recarens

Department of Health
Anabel Casanovas Alvarez
Anna Castells Molina
Gemma Garreta Parés 
Sandra Arco Rodriguez
Sara González Millán

Ángel Agustí Portell. Department of Business (2nd Business Administration and GI)
Guillermo Parra Cabanillas. Department of Health (3rd Nursing)
Carles Silvestre Folch. Department of Ind. Cultural (4th DB Computer Management and IS / Video games
Nil Noah Marquis. Department of Technology (2nd Industrial Organization Engineering)

Laia Gomez Master in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Aging.

Luz Fernandez del Rey
Anna Gabriel Rovira
Marta Cano Reyes
Laura Garcia Llamas

The Department Council