The TecnoCampus university centre, together with the Sports Department of Mataró City Council, have developed a new project, the TecnoCampus Sports Club. It will promote sports, health and leisure activities for the TecnoCampus student community, through agreements with different sports centres in the city. The idea is to improve health, interpersonal relationships and quality of life.

The different activities promoted will be published on the new portal and will be exclusive to students who become members of the club. Check out all the benefits and discounts we offer!

The first step towards enjoying it is to become a member of the club.

Become a member of the Club

Membership registrations will be available on September 1.

To enjoy the sports promotions, become a member of the Club.

Its cost is 10 euros per academic year.

Choose the sport you want to do!

Paddle league

AUTUMN padel tournament organized by the Futsal Sports Club in collaboration with Padel les Hortes.

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Football League 7_ AUTUMN

Autumn Tournament (October to January)


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Football League 7_ SPRING

Spring Tournament (January to May)

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3x3 Basketball_ AUTUMN

Basketball tournament from October to January

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3x3 Basketball_ SPRING

Basketball tournament from January to May

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Mataró Swimming Centre

Special price with unlimited access

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Laietania Athletic Center

Special TecnoCampus community quota (unlimited access throughout the day)

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Bloc Climbing morning membership fee

Monthly membership fee for mornings (access from 9.30 a.m. to 14.30 p.m.).

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Bloc climbing monthly membership fee

Monthly membership fee with unlimited access throughout the day. 

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Bloc climbing 10-session discount

Voucher for 10 climbing sessions in Bloc

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Bloc Climbing Trial

Get started with climbing (free session) from 13 to 14 p.m. or from 15 to 16 p.m.

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Free trial- rowing

Introductory rowing workshop Free 

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Rowing initation

Rowing training (Quarterly subscription)

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Tube diving

Introductory course to learn what's involved in tube diving

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SNORKELLING introductory course to learn how

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Apnea initiation course to learn how

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Monthly subscription for free sailing

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Pass for 10 hours of free kayaking or paddle surfing (SUP)

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Navigation course in Small Sailing boats

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Navigation course in Small Sailing boats

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Taste of Aikido

 Trial is 15 days of practice (free)

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Aikido initiation workshop

Free workshop for 3 months

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Frequently asked questions



You can apply for Club 2022/23 membership from 09/09/22 a

  1. Register as a member by completing the registration on the following
  2. Access the exclusive offers for TecnoCampus student members on the portal clicking here.
  3. Buy/book the activity by clicking on the proposal offered by the club on the portal.

Important: Once you are a member, after completing and paying the fee per academic year, we will include (within 3 days) your registration on the portal. So you have to wait the necessary time so that we can manage your registration on the platform. You will then be able to book/sign up for the different promotions published there. If you have not completed membership registration, you will not be able to finalize any activity reservation proposed on the web portal

Access to the different promotions and sports discounts of the 10 sports centres affiliated to the Club

The amount to be a member is 10 euros academic year (September to September). Being a member gives you access to exclusive offers on the Club's portal during the reported period.

Each activity published on the portal has its own price. Through the portal you will make the reservation of the activity and the payment will be made when you go to carry out the activity in the Sports Club that has advertised it.

  • Active students of undergraduate and double degree studies at the TecnoCampus
  • Active master's and postgraduate students at TecnoCampus

The icon which certifies that you are an associate member of the TecnoCampus Sports Club 2023/24 and which allows you to access the sports facilities as well as all the offers published on the portal is in the TECNOCAMPUS app (in the "Card" section).

You will find the dates and times on the information sheet for each activity. If they are not listed and are pending, you will receive an email from the club after registration detailing the date of the activity.

The activities may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached to carry them out. This decision is taken and communicated by the Sports Club that organizes each activity. The TecnoCampus Sports Club cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation in the event that it ultimately cannot be carried out.

The fee is valid during the academic year. If you become a member of the TecnoCampus Sports Club and do not register for any activity or register and finally this activity is cancelled, please be informed that the 10 euros required to register as a member will not be returned.

Affiliated sports clubs


El Mataró Futsal Sports Club is a sports entity whose main objective is the promotion, development and continuous practice of physical activity and non-profit sports.

More information

El AE BOET Basketball Sports Club is a sports entity whose main objective is the promotion, development and continuous practice of non-profit physical activity and sports.

More information

Sports club that works with the aim of promoting rowing and leading activities related to the sea in the city of Mataró, as well as participating in all activities in the mode of "llagut" organized by the Catalan Rowing Federation, as well as others statewide initiatives.

More information

The Búlder Planet Matarò climbing wall has more than 1000m2 of boulder divided into 5 sectors, with all the difficulties (from beginner to expert level), advanced training tools such as the moonboard, campus, resistance training walls, gym and Yoga

More information

Mataró Fishing and Underwater Activities Society (SPAS) is one of the biggest clubs in underwater activity in Catalonia. Activities include spearfishing, apnea photography, underwater video, monitoring of the oceanic posidonia or cleaning the seabed, among others.

More information

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the practice of Aikido, the Japanese martial art.
We belong to the Aikikai Cultural Association Catalonia, which is also part of the Aikikai Cultural Association Spain, which is directed by master Yasunari Kitaura, 8th Dan Shihan, delegate to Spain of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo of Japan.

More information

El Laietania Athletic Center was born in 1925 as "Grup Excursionista Layetània" and in 1932 the athletics section was born and later, the sports and recreational complex was built in the middle of nature. 6 hectares of green with sea views. A 10 minutes from the center of Mataró, with exclusive parking for members.

More information

Federació Catalana de Vela is the governing body of sailing in Catalonia, in charge of organizing, promoting and directing the sporting activity of sailing, and organizes the main competitions in the various disciplines that take place in Catalonia. It was established in 1965. It is part of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia.

More information

The Mataró Swimming Centre was launched in 1932, standing as a continuation of the Mataró Swimming Club (1920-1929) and the swimming section of the Mataroní Gymnastics Club.

It stands out for its facilities located in a magnificent location such as the Mataró seafront, next to the beach

More information

If you have any questions about the TecnoCampus Sports Club, you can contact us through: