TecnoCampus Health Project

At Tecnocampus Mataró we believe in our responsibility to work towards improving the well-being of society, the quality of life of our fellow citizens and future generations.

Thus, with a strong spirit of shared responsibility, in 2016 Health was defined as a strategic area by TecnoCampus. TecnoCampus Health is nourished by the entrepreneurial nature of TecnoCampus, the knowledge of our  Escola Superior de Ciències de la Salut, attached to Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), the technology of the technology center Eurecat and its area of ​​Transfer, Innovation and Business, creating an innovative ecosystem where students, entrepreneurs and businesses share a common vision of the importance of health in society.

Our companies enjoy an ideal environment interconnected with all agents in the industry value chain. In addition, our instal·lacions also include four biochemistry laboratories, three private and one common space, which offer state-of-the-art equipment.

The team of the Transfer, Innovation and Business Area supports a broad community working in biotech, eHealth, mHealth or services for companies in the Health sector . Since 2021, the TecnoCampus has also offered the possibility to access the HealthPass through a monthly fee. With HealthPass you get all the benefits of TecnoCampus Pass in addition to accessing a portfolio of personalized services and support to meet the needs of the health sector.

It consists of:

  • The TecnoCampus School of Health Sciences

    Created in 2010, it has been consolidated in the region as a reference university center in health education, where Degrees in Nursing, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE) and Physiotherapy are taught, as well as the Master's Degree in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Ageing (MAICE).

  • Chronicity and innovation in health (GRACIS) and the Chair of Ageing and Quality of Life

    In the field of research, the group of attention to chronicity and innovation in health (GRACIS) and the Chair of Ageing and Quality of Life with the aim of advancing in the search for new solutions to the problems arising from the ageing of the population and the promotion of the improvement of the quality of life.

  • More than 20 companies in the health sector

    Tecnocampus already concentrates more than 20 companies in the health sector, biotech companies, eHealth, mHealth, as well as institutions such as the Maresme Health Consortium and the EURECAT Technology Center, many of them, act as tractors attracting new startups and companies.

  • Four biochemistry laboratories, three private and one common space

    Four biochemistry laboratories, three private and one common space, with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Companies already located in the Park as well as those in the region that want to join

  • Vertical acceleration program in the StartHealth health sector

    Vertical acceleration program in the health sector StartHealth, a specific acceleration program for startups especially aimed at the Digital Health, Medical Devices and BioTech segments.

Hub Innocare

Program for the development of methodology for the activation of the business ecosystem of the territory around the care economy as well as the promotion of new companies and the strengthening and growth of the business fabric exist, by the Chair of Aging and Quality of Life at the Tecnocampus.

TecnoCampus companies

The TecnoCampus offers an ecosystem where to train, create, innovate and connect. The hosted companies share spaces with three university schools attached to Pompeu Fabra University and with the Eurecat technology centre.



TecnoCampus park health sector companies


Develop new therapeutic agents aimed at the biological mechanisms involved in rare diseases, through the advancement of projects


It offers solutions for the diagnosis of TDH or dyslexia diseases through eye tracking technology

Hartington Business 

Pharmaceuticals, export of chemicals, intermediates and finishes


Strategic Marketing Consultant specializing in the health sector


Company dedicated to consulting and systems integration in the healthcare sector 


Services for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Product development from R&D to marketing 


Provides real-time information through gene expression analysis (RNA) and artificial intelligence 


Business development, regulatory and pharmacovigilance services for the pharmaceutical industry


Develops a Telemedicine and Telehealth platform to drive digital transformation in healthcare prevention 

Evo Training 

Helps healthcare professionals develop and hone skills and competencies in daily patient care tasks


Artificial intelligence-based software for improving the screening, diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia

We innovate 

Development of a biomedical system for the clinical assessment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system

CSV Experts 

Advice on compliance with the rules applied to medical devices or health products 


Company that develops solutions with its own technology applied to the health and industry sectors 

OH Strategy 

Experts in digital marketing specializing in the healthcare sector


Specialized in IT services and Cybersecurity in the biotech sector


Develops the activity of discovery of new drugs for the treatment of diseases

Quantum Medical 

Design, development and manufacture of electronic components for the medical measuring equipment sector


Mobile application development and cloud backend services

The Cube (Thehealthwatcher)

Development and marketing of the Myhealthwatcher application whose mission is to improve people's eating habits

Core sys

Monitor and software design to detect and monitor sepsis in surgery, ICU or emergency patients.

Biel Glasses

Development of smart glasses to improve the mobility and personal autonomy of people with low vision.

Companies in the health sector in the territory


A pioneering company in healthcare products that offers and develops revolutionary management solutions 


Research, production and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients, ingredients and compounds of animal origin.

Tic Hello 

Agency of the Department of Health, which works to promote the development and use 


Maresme Health Consortiums

Hospital activity specialized in: primary care, mental health and addictions, care for addiction ... among others.


Telemedicine platform for doctors, patients and organizations

Vec Medical 

Innovative solutions for a healthier life. They manufacture customized products, components or assembly services for healthcare products. 


Technology company that develops technology products for hospitals to improve the daily management of its professionals.


Manufacture and distribution of medical supplies specializing in tubular compression bandages and other products.


Application to prevent and control childhood myopia

Artisan Clofent 

Specialists in technical fabric for the orthopedic sector


Publishing company specializing in the healthcare industry


Application that you can easily download to your mobile to talk, wherever and whenever you want, with a professional psychologist.

Medicare System

Development of new products for the hospital, geriatric, orthopedic and pharmaceutical sectors, among others.

Rain elastic fabrics

Development of compressive parts with properties
 therapeutic and with anti-aging properties


It treats the problems of vascular and microvascular anastomosis procedures by using the memory-shaped properties of some advanced materials.


Manufacture of orthopedic and postoperative products for the recovery of injuries and surgical operations

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