What is Reimagine Textile?


Reimagine Textile is a strategy promoted by Mataró City Council and co-led by TecnoCampus and the Eurecat Technology Center. Its mission is to restore the competitiveness of Catalan textiles in front of Europe and the world, promoting innovation, sustainability and new digital business models, while creating an internationally recognized Hub that generates wealth in the territory.

We want to be a reference for the textile industry, especially that dedicated to the fashion, health and sports sectors, in terms of technological innovation and business model, encouraging companies to re-imagine themselves, while working on their transformation and adapting to current and future challenges.

Reimagine Textile is committed to the competitive improvement of companies, and the positive impact this has on society, thus promoting the re-industrialization of the sector and the territories where it has a greater presence, starting with Maresme and Catalonia.

Entrepreneurial talent

It is a high-performance program that accompanies the process of transforming business ideas from the textile and fashion sector into real business projects.

This program is aimed at entrepreneurs or start-ups (up to 5 years old) in the textile sector who are committed to innovation, sustainability or circularity as a competitive advantage in their business model.

Each year, 15 projects are selected that incorporate smart, functional and sustainable fabrics, eco design, wearables, innovative materials, circular textile economy, digitization of processes, 3D printing, disruptive brands or other innovative elements for the textile industry.

  • 1st Phase: group sessions on Thursday mornings from June to November. Personalized mentoring of both strategy and operations. Technological orientation.
  • 2st Phase: of the 15 projects, 5 are selected to receive accompanying mentoring for two months for the launch of their product on the market.

It is a short-term program aimed at entrepreneurs with a project in the textile-fashion sector that helps to create, validate and plan a textile business model. It consists of 4 sessions on Monday mornings between October and November. You then receive one-on-one mentoring to review the executive summary.

Acceleration of startups

Textile Reimagine Incubator

The Reimagine Textile incubator is located in the TecnoCampus Technology Park and has a co-working space of more than 100m2 with capacity for 10 start-ups, meeting rooms, photo set, FabLab for experimentation and prototyping, atelier for showrooms and conference rooms.

Acceleration programme

Hosted companies receive both business and technological support and advice. They also have access to funding, tailored training, participation in events and fairs, connection to the textile industry and media visibility.

Industrial competitiveness



Tailor-made project for companies looking for an innovative solution to address a challenge.


Creation and making available to the textile industry road maps and resources necessary for the effective digital transformation and improvement of the competitiveness of the textile business (product, production process, distribution and/or channel)


Facilitate and accompany the Catalan textile sector in its transition towards a new textile model that respects the environment and is able to respond to the demands of an increasingly conscious and demanding demand.


Testing and prototyping services, feasibility studies and technology transfer.


GO GLOBAL program for the opening of new international markets: market information, strategic and operational advice, and contacts in destination markets with softlanding services.

Creation of consortia for European projects and international collaborative network.

Web Reimagine Textile


Cooperatextil Marketplace

TecnoCampus Foundation launches the new COOPERATEXTIL digital platform that connects supply and demand in the textile sector. This is an advanced version of the company directory that was published in 2013, which aims to give visibility to the Catalan textile industry at European level and position it as a local and quality production.

The supplier directory is made up of more than 700 workshops and companies in Catalonia that offer all kinds of services in the textile sector: manufacturing and product management, threads, fabrics, dyes, printing, design and patterning, tailoring, ironing and finishing, embroidery and applications, fittings, labeling and packaging, certifications, logistics, machinery and replacements, etc... The quality, proximity and know-how of a territory with an ancient textile industrial tradition.

The platform is an interactive marketplace that contains both free services and advanced paid services. The public part of the web has the directory of industrial companies and services for textile production, as well as the possibility of publishing an order and raising the interest of potential suppliers. The intranet has advanced services where you can modify the profile of each company and hire premium services, such as brokerage, consulting or enhanced visibility services. 

Cooperatextil website

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