Do you want to be part of the TecnoCampus professional exchange?

This 2021 has launched the third call for accreditation for professionals linked to our training and business advice programs. On this page you can find all the necessary documentation to fill in the application form, the Rules of the second call, as well as the resolution of the same. 

NOTICE: The 3rd call is currently CLOSED from 23 2021 d'April period in which the application period ended. If you are interested in participating in the next call, please write to us at:

Our programs aim to support start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs in the process of creating, launching, growing and consolidating their business projects.

By being part of the professional exchange, you will have access to offer your services as a professional within the framework of TecnoCampus programs.


Share your experience with entrepreneurs and start-ups!


Startup entrepreneurs

What are your areas of expertise?

You can choose up to two areas of specialization:




Digital marketing

Innovation Management

Financing and management control

Marketing and Sales



Organization and human resources

Operations and logistics

Conceptualization and product design

Green and circular economy

Horizon 2020

Taxation in R + D + i

Patent and Trademark Agent

Application for participation 2021 

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