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If you want to know more about all the resources you can use and do networking with other entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs like you, you have 3 options: 

Individualized meeting

Request an individualized meeting, face-to-face or virtual, and talk to us about your interests, projects and dreams.

Business Breakfasts and Snacks

Come to the Community meetings, Entrepreneur Breakfasts and Snacks, our meeting point in the morning and in the afternoon on the last Monday of every month at the Business Lab, Floor 1, TCM1. These are dynamic spaces where students and entrepreneurial alumni come together to be inspired, share experiences and opportunities for matching and growth. 

Virtual Community

Join the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community on WhatsApp, where you will find topics of interest and organic content, intrapreneurial job offers, networking and matching spaces, event information and open calls for programs related to innovation, technology, financing and entrepreneurship.

Join the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community and let's change the world together!!!

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