CFGS validations


Acceptance by TecnoCampus of the credits that, having passed a higher degree training cycle and applying the validation table approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya for each training cycle and for each degree study, are incorporated into the degree studies that are 'is studying.  

Who can request it?

TecnoCampus students or people who want to enroll in an undergraduate study and have previously studied and approved a CFGS that has a validation table approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Documentation to be provided

Specific request: català / castellà

Certificate of average mark of the upper formative cycle


Deadline to apply

At the time of formalizing the registration (maximum deadline September 20)



For this procedure, the payment of the public price corresponding to the study of the recognition of academic credits does not have to be made.

Economic effects of validation: The validation of credits implies the payment to the Tecnocampus of the percentage of the price of the number of corresponding credits, in accordance with the Decree of public prices of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Students who have applied for validation between CFGS and credits already enrolled (maximum 31 May) will not be able to request a refund of 85% of the amount of these credits.

Answer you will get

Notification and incorporation of the subjects recognized in the academic transcript.


Response time

Less than 15 days.


Who's in charge

Academic Management Service

Regulations and reference documentation

Normativa acadèmica dels ensenyaments de grau.


Where to go

Academic Management at the time of enrollment