Recognition of RAC credits UPF languages



Recognize up to 6 ECTS for obtaining a language certificate passed during the academic period in which they have been enrolled in official studies at any of the three university centers of the Tecnocampus.

Credits cannot be recognized for courses or language certificates not covered in the annexes to the regulations that you will find in the corresponding section of this page.

Who can request it?

Any undergraduate student from the Department of Health and the Departments of Technology and Cultural Industries of the TecnoCampus.


Application procedure

Online: e-Secretaria (Validations: Recognition of RAC credits UPF Languages ​​(Health, Technology and Cultural Industries)

Mandatory documentation


  • Language level certificate in accordance with the regulations and annexes indicated in the corresponding section of this page


Deadline to apply


The deadline for the incorporation of credits is from the beginning of the academic year until May 31 of each academic year. Applications submitted after May 31 will be incorporated the following academic year.

Exceptionally, students who are in the last year of their studies in a position to finish, may apply for recognition after that date. They must indicate this in the application. In this case, the deadline for submitting applications will be the day before the start of the following academic year.

Answer you will get

Notification through the e-Secretariat


Response time

Maximum 30 days


Who's in charge

Academic Management Service