Recognition and Transfer of credits between university studies


The recognition of credits consists in the acceptance by the Center of credits which, having been obtained in official studies, in the same Center or in another, are computed in different studies for the purpose of obtaining an official degree.

The transfer of credits consists of the inclusion in the student's academic file of the credits obtained in official studies completed previously, at the Center or in another Center, which did not lead to the obtaining of an official degree.

Who can request it?

Students who start or are interested in accessing one of the university degrees of the Tecnocampus and who have previously studied and passed subjects from other university studies

Documentation to be provided


  • Request for recognition and transfer of credits: Catalan / Spanish
  • Academic certificate stating the subjects, the type, the number of credits and the qualification obtained from the studies of origin. If the student has studied at the TecnoCampus, he does not have to present this document.
  • Photocopy of the completed study plan duly stamped by the corresponding center. If the student has taken the original studies at TecnoCampus, he does not have to present this document.
  • Photocopy of the programs of the subjects studied and passed, duly stamped by the corresponding center. If the student has taken the original studies at TecnoCampus, he does not have to present this documentation.
  • Deposit of the payment of the public price for the recognition study request to the bank account: Banco de Sabadell: ES34.0081.5375.95.0001097315. According to current TecnoCampus management fees, query in this link the Price box for the administrative services of the studies

Documents issued abroad must meet the following requirements:

a) They must be official and issued by the competent authorities to do so in accordance with the legal system of the country in question.

b) They must present themselves legalized through the diplomatic channel or, as the case may be, through the postilla of the Hague Convention. This requirement is not required for documents issued by the authorities of the Member States of the European Union or signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

c) They must be accompanied, if applicable, by the corresponding official translation into Catalan or Spanish.

More information

Deadline to apply

Newly admitted students: Within the enrollment period.


Consultation here the prices per credit and the prices of the administrative services for the (official) University Degrees and Masters studies at TecnoCampus

Financial effects of the recognition: Students will pay the Tecnocampus the percentage of the price of the corresponding number of credits, in accordance with the Decree on public prices of the Generalitat de Catalunya at the time of inclusion in the file through enrollment.

Answer you will get

Resolution by the Center taking into account the content of the programs of the subjects studied and passed and the study plans that have been documented.

Response time

Maximum 15 working days. This deadline may be affected during the enrollment period.

Who's in charge Academic Management Service
Regulations and reference documentation Point 8. Academic regulations for undergraduate studies
Where to go

- Students with new access to the Tecnocampus: by email to Academic Management of the Degree to which they wish to access:

Business Degrees: Academic Business Management
Degrees of Health: Academic Health Management
Degrees in Technology and Cultural Industries:  Academic Management of Technology and Cultural Industries


- Tecnocampus students online from the file: e-secretary EMS