Recognition of RAC UPF credits



Recognize RAC credits (recognition of university activities) for participation in university cultural, sports, student representation, and solidarity and cooperation activities that are included in the current RAC TecnoCampus credit catalog.

These activities must be understood as complementary and at the same time differentiated from the competences of the subjects of the curricula and academic activities.

Who can request it?

Any undergraduate student at TecnoCampus


Application procedure

  1. Contact the person responsible for your activity in order to send them the necessary documentation requested in the RAC credit catalog.
  2. When you have the certificate or favorable report of the responsible person, request the recognition through thee-secretary (Convalidations: Recognition of RAC credits)
  3. Remember that the student is responsible for checking the incorporation of credits in their transcript

Mandatory documentation to apply for recognition through the e-Secretariat


Certificate of the activity indicating the credits, the year of the activity in accordance with the current RAC TecnoCampus credit catalog

Deadline to apply


Once the activities that are requested to be recognized at any time of the year have been completed. It should be borne in mind that students must carry out activities eligible for credit recognition simultaneously with the degree courses to which they wish to incorporate them.

The deadline for the incorporation of credits is from the beginning of the academic year until May 31 of each academic year. Applications submitted after May 31 will be incorporated in the following academic year.

Exceptionally, students who are in the last year of their studies, in a position to finish, may apply for recognition after that date. They must indicate this in the application. In this case, the deadline for submitting applications will be the day before the start of the following academic year

Answer you will get


Notification through the e-Secretariat 


Response time


Maximum 30 days


Who's in charge


Academic Management Service

Regulations and reference documentation