Entrepreneurship Night 2021

The traditional Entrepreneurship Night, organized by the TecnoCampus and the City of Mataró, this year has regained attendance and has been held in the past on November 11th.


The act has been chaired by the Mayor and President of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation, David Bote, and driven by Mag Lari.

As part of the Night, the 21st edition of the Creatic Awards was presented in the three categories:

Creatic Awards for the best business initiatives

A software based on artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of dysphagia, which will help optimize the screening, diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from this disease, was taken last night on award with the highest endowment of the Night of Entrepreneurship, endowed with 12.000 euros and a discounted stay in the incubator for one year. This is a project that, under the name ofAIMS-OD, presented by Alberto Martín, Pere Clavé and Xavier Tibau. 

Creatic Award for Tecnocampus University Entrepreneurship

El awards for university entrepreneurship was for LAm Paul Aparici, for the project Ohlechef, a web platform that offers live online cooking workshops with prestigious chefs, and that includes a pre-delivery service of all the ingredients needed to prepare the recipes for the workshop you hire. 

Creatic Award for the best entrepreneurial project for VET students

The best entrepreneurial project in the field of vocational training it fell to the students Cristina Mateos, Jabou Kandeh, Nouhaila Benktib i Yousra bennermak, from the Thos i Codina Institute, for the proposal The Coothing Mataró, a multi-service space that offers coworking rooms, a cafeteria and a bookshop in the same establishment, in an innovative environment where business and cultural leisure can be accommodated.

Chronicle of the night

If you want to know more about Entrepreneurship Night, you can consult the news we posted about the event, where all the information you need is collected.

For this year's Creatic Awards, we have once again had the participation of local companies as patrons:


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