The aim of the Theatre Group is to give training in performing techniques to students who take part in this activity, to enhance their public speaking competence, improvisation skills and conflict resolution abilities in the academic and professional atmosphere. Over the course of the academic year, we work on skills such as body expression, vocal power, etc.

This activity is held from October to May, from 12:00 to 14:00 on Fridays in the InnoLab. The annual price for this activity is €60.


FIRST TERM – 25th September to 22nd December

SECOND TERM – 8th January to 6th April


First and second term objectives:

  • Performance techniques for students to enhance their confidence in oratory skills.
  • Enhancing students’ confidence and concentration, boosting their creativity and fostering self-awareness, while developing improvisation techniques to overcome inhibitions and lose their sense of the ridiculousness.
  • Resolving conflicts effectively in the academic and professional sphere while enhancing the feeling of belonging to a group, tolerance, active listening and patience.
  • Making the Theatre Group a body that can represent the interests of the TecnoCampus students.

From 13th January to 17th March, the trainers will be Gregori Lara (the stage manager and scriptwriter of the plays staged by TecnoCampus students from May 2014 to 2016) and Rebeca Olivera (artistic director and technique coach). In the first term, the classes with run from 21st October to 16th December, while, in the second term, they run from 13th January to 17th March. The objectives for the first two terms will be achieved through the following exercises:

Vocal techniques: expression, projection and register

Body expression techniques

Use of space


Working on texts


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  • Rebeca Olivera

    Under her professional name of Rebeca Olivera, Rebeca Pérez is an artistic director and technique coach. She is currently taking the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management at TecnoCampus. 

    Llegir més

    She grew up in Barcelona where she has her first leading role at the age of 16 with the work Agnes de Dios by John Pelemier. When she turned 19, she moved to London and studied performing arts at Lambeth College and E-15, where she specialized in Jacobean theater. Four years later, she came back to Barcelona where she completed her acting performance at Nancy Tuñon school and then she got nominated for a TESPO award from the Actors Union of Catalonia. Some of her latest works are produced by Ana Peña in the Visual sound of Barcelona 2013.

  • 2015-16 academic year

    “Who killed Bàrbara Star?”.  Bàrbara Star is a famous singer. Beautiful, rich and successful, she is surrounded by people who love her... or perhaps not. 12 suspects, 2 tireless detectives and one truth to be revealed...  “Who killed Bàrbara Star?”.

  • 2014-15 academic year

    “Love and other songs”. In this fun and crazy comedy, our characters experience all kinds of love, with a journey through the songs that have marked a certain time in our lives. Some stories will have a happy ending, others won’t, but that’s love!