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At the TecnoCampus, CONNECT with dance, music and theatre!

The aim of the workshop was to live the experience of dance by introducing body work, improvisation and creation through proposed exercises and choreographic play.

This taste was a small approximation of everything that can be developed during a term, but it will be the necessary element for the choice of disciplines that will be made in the second and third terms.  

Last October 13 there was a hand dance workshop Cristina Castellà: 

Biography Cristina Castellà

For many years I trained as a dancer in different styles and techniques with teachers such as Aixa Guerra, Sol Vàzquez, Roser Tutusaus, Bebeto Cidra, Olga Alvarez, among others. At the same time, I graduated in Early Childhood Education (UB, 2014) and then specialized in Psychomotor (URL, 2015). In this line I have completed different courses dedicated to the pedagogy and artistic didactics of dance and I have been trained in similar projects such as: training for teachers and artists of Segni Mossi (Yellow, Red and Blue Traning) and different trainings of Dan Dan dansa , course organized by Mercat de les Flors, among others. I am currently training in sexuality and gender studies such as: Menstrual Educator, Feminarian (2020) Educación Affectivo-Sexual Integral, Senda, centro de Acompañamiento Familiar y Educación Viva (2021-2022).


Hence the interest in creating and managing family projects and workshops related to dance and movement (0-6 years): Dance-Science Workshops (2013-2016) within the cycle NiuViu, thematic activities of the Niu de Ciència programme, of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona. Two own projects currently active: "Dance for babies", 2015; co-creation of "Baobab, family dance", (2018). Interest is also born to be part of projects that become spaces of care through dance like the project "Bellaníma, a space of expression for beauty", where it is expressed and shared through movement with elderly people who are in the last stage of their lives.


Within the artistic field I have been able to develop different roles that have offered me the possibility of living various experiences. First of all, from a very young age I have been part of the company eN movieNt, directed by Mercè Grané with shows such as "Petals of life" and "Els Pensaments de Julieta". The latter was presented at the FIB, International Festival of Benicàssim and Sala Triangulo in Madrid (2012). I take several aerial and vertical dance courses with the Sacude company and later I am a dancer at different events: at the MNAC and at the Basketball World Cups at the Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona (2014, among others) I join the team of the musical ''Much ado about nothing'' by Àngel Llàser and Manu Guix at TNC (2016) as choreography assistant.

We invited actors and actresses with the aim of creating the TecnoCampus Theater Room!

If your passion is acting, keep an eye out for the TecnoCampus Theater Room.

* This course the activity will be free in order to create the group.


When: Thursday, October 13th

Time: the casting will be from 12:30 to 14:30 p.m

On: Pending confirmation

Price: Free

During the first trimester, the objectives of this activity are to work on body awareness, breathing, stretching and basic knowledge in order to be able to dance and improvise by experiencing the musicality and physical possibilities of one's own body. We will also experience the different dynamics of movement, bearing in mind intensity, energy, among other aspects that directly influence how we move and that allow us to play with expressiveness.

The sessions start with a warm-up where we will attend to flexibility, weight and body alignments to develop body awareness, breathing and will follow with a series of dynamics that will put into play all the aspects that have been discussed previously.

During the second and third term, with all the material arising from the work during the first stage of the course, we will go into a process of creating a shared interest with the group that will materialize with a sample. Being able to show serves to bring into play other aspects related to the performing arts such as stage space, presence, communication, creativity, etc.

With movement and dance you have the opportunity to harmonize our state of mind, promoting concentration and also encouraging positive thinking towards ourselves and to disconnect for a while from everyday life.

Come and try the activity!


When: From October 20 and until June 15 of the 2022-2023 academic year.

Day: Thursday

Time: 12:30 to 14 p.m. Each practical session will last 1,5 hours.

Group / Participants: 


Price: This course will be Free in order to create the new group