Coupons and Aid ACTION 2024

Get ready and choose the coupon that best suits your needs. Remember that the ACCIÓ Coupons are awarded in order of application and some modalities are sold out in a very short time! 

•    Coupons ACTION to the strategy. Turn your industrial company upside down. 

•    Coupons ACTION Green. For a more sustainable company. 

•    Coupons ACTION in industry 4.0. It incorporates new technologies. 

•    Coupons ACTION to start exporting. Take your business to new countries. 

•    Coupons ACCIÓ eTrade. Expand through digital channels. 

•    ACCIÓ coupons for European R+D+I programs. Access European innovation projects. 

•    Coupons ACCIÓ of advanced digital technologies. Experiment with new technologies. 

You can access the presentation session of the ACCIÓ Coupons to the competitiveness of the company and retrieve its contents to learn more about the coupons you can access it from this link.

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ICEX 2024 grants and programs

ICEX, is a public entity whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies and therefore has a deployment of programs and services to support internationalization.

Some of the programs and services are: 

  • Program ICEX NEXT, which offers financial support (up to €24.000) and advice to start the international promotion plan. Aimed at startups and SMEs 
  • Participation in international fairs, such as the eMerge Americas, the South Summit, the Web Summit and the Slush. 
  • El CHALLENGE program, with which it aims to boost the international growth of startups, connecting with the key agents of the international innovative ecosystem through experts specialized in each market. 
  • APIEm service, with which you can get up to 2 hours of personalized advice specialized in internationalization.
  • Program IMPACT +, with which ICEX supports companies in the diversification of the target markets of their commercial and investment activity. 

Program organized by:

 Internationalization Support Agent


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