• Title: Video Game Design and Production
  • Duration: 4 academic years organized into four-month periods
  • Study load: 240 credits ECTS
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Timetable: Afternoons (15:00-21:00)
  • Run by: School of Engineering and Technology
  • Qualification: Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)
  • Fees: Check out the cost and financing options for the study program at the following link (Fees and financing)
  • Enrollment: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)
  • Places: 55
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Mininum score: 6,839 (17/18)

The Degree in Design and Production of Videogames of the Polytechnic Superior School of TecnoCampus obtained in 2015 the favorable verification by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (AQU). Verification is the favorable assessment of the curriculum by the official evaluation agencies.
With this recognition, the titles of the school guarantee the teaching quality following the standard established by the Agency for all universities.
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The general objective of the Degree in Design and Production of Video Games is to prepare professionals equipped to manage the various phases and aspects involved in the development of a video game (programming, game design, graphic design, monetization, etc.).


If you like the world of video games and mobile applications, if you are passionate about design or programming, you can build your professional career around your passion. The Degree in Design and Production of Video Games gives you the preparation you need to develop video games, covering many different areas of specialization, as well as equipping you with the tools required to start a business in this sector, should you so desire.


  • 1
    Specialization programs

    The modular nature of the Bachelor Degree enables students to structure a specialization program, choosing elective courses in the areas that they are most interested in.

  • 2
    Working alongside industry

    The Tuition Program is developed by academic and professional experts in the sector, who adapt the content to the evolution of the video game industry.

  • 3
    Practical focus

    The internships and practical approach towards game and application development are essential features of our educational strategy right from the first year.

  • 4
    Projects conducted

    On completion of the program, each student will have completed projects that will form the base of their professional portfolio, along with their curriculum, to apply for job offers successfully.

  • 5
    Internationalization. International studies and internships

    Study agreements and internships in different countries around the world. As part of our commitment to internationalization, we have partnership agreements in place with 105 universities in 34 countries to give you the opportunity to experience studying or taking an internship abroad.

  • 6

    Podràs estudiar els videojocs més rellevants de la indústria al nostre laboratori de videojocs, i també usar
    tecnologia puntera en el desenvolupament com ara la sala de captura de moviment.

  • 7
    Hub emprenedor

    Recursos entre els quals programes i xarxes a l’abast dels estudiants amb idees de negoci.

  • 8

    Podràs compartir amb els teus companys els jocs desenvolupats, i obtenir reconeixement amb el nostre concurs TecnoGames.

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Professional opportunities

This degree leads to a wide range of professional opportunities, from the more artistic side to the more technological aspects of programming, with more of an IT focus, as well as game quality assessment. Possibilities include professional careers as:

  • Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Designers and Design Program Developers
  • 2D and 3D Producers
  • Designers, Modellers and Animators
  • Game Scriptwriters
  • Technological Consultants
  • Network and Communications Operators
  • Haptic System Designers
  • Augmented Reality System Designers
  • Simulator Designers

The video game industry is experiencing huge growth at an international level and within Catalonia. Within this sector, demand for well-trained professionals is set to increase.

TecnoCampus, where technology, entrepreneurship and the audiovisual world converge

TecnoCampus’s professionalizing approach, with the university centre sharing premises and synergies with the Business and Technology Park, is enhanced even further by its affiliation to a university as prestigious as the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Its field of knowledge incorporates technologies in the audiovisual, industrial, IT and communications sectors, as well as marketing and digital communities, with a firm commitment to economic, technological and scientific progress in the surrounding area.

Showroom de treballs de final de grau
Una exposició de treballs d’animació 2D i 3D, ilustracions, modelatge 3D, programació… Una mostra de treballs representatius.
Cicles de conferències
Reviu les més de 40 conferències que experts del sector fan cada curs. Rescata la conferencia en streaming i l’entrevista amb consells per preparar el teu salt al món laboral.
Fòrum de Talent de videojocs i TecnoGames
Estigues-te informat de tot el que envolta les activitats paral·leles del grau. El Fòrum de Talent apropa les empreses als estudiants.