The TecnoCampus invites you to the informative online talks to learn about our UPF degrees in the fields of technology, audiovisual, business and health.


This orientation activity has already been carried out, between February 6 and 16.


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A set of online sessions where you can find out about the 19 undergraduate degrees taught at this university campus and technology park attached to Pompeu Fabra University. The sessions are held in the afternoon, at 17:30 p.m. and at 19 p.m., via Zoom, to make it easier for you to attend after class and so that, if you wish, you can invite family or friends.

Information direct from the coordinator

With the help of the coordinators of each degree, and with a student's testimony, we will inform you of the contents of each degree or double degree, its professional approach and everything you need to make your choice on your university future, with the maximum information.


General information on all degrees

In addition to the specific sessions of each degree and double degree, we offer you the opportunity to attend a general talk on all the educational offer of the TecnoCampus. In this session we will also review the pre-registration calendar and we will give other information about the system TecnoCampus scholarships and grants, career opportunities and job vacancies and options for studying abroad. 

Registrations closed for the Informative Talks of Degrees

The talks were held between February 6 and 16.
You will soon be able to access the recorded sessions

What will we discuss during the Undergraduate Informative Talks?

  • Introduction

    The TecnoCampus, a university and technology park affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University.

  • Facilities and equipment

  • Differential features of the TecnoCampus

    Entrepreneurial DNA, internationalization and connection with the world of work.

  • Academic content of the degree

    Why choose these studies.

  • Career opportunities

  • Scholarships, grants and funding

  • Question time