University entrepreneurship at TecnoCampus

If you are interested undertake, create your own  startup: undertake, be theinnovative employee that everyone wants, at TecnoCampus we have more than 30 resources for you, from training to financing, from the classrooms to the Business Park. 
Our purpose in University Entrepreneurship is that know the resources that best suit your goals, accompany you on your entrepreneurial path and that you join ours entrepreneurial community, to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, create synergies and change the world together

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TFG entrepreneurs

(30,3% of the total) 


Pre-incubator equipment

(44 attendees)


Incubation: National and international teams

(37 attendees)  


Companies in the Business Park

(808 employees)

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Are you an entrepreneur?

I want to be entrepreneurial, to be that innovative employee that everyone wants 

If you want to contribute innovative solutions to someone else's team, to grow and grow a company, a startup, a cooperative, an association... you want to undertake, become that innovative employee that everyone wants.

If, in addition to generating economic impact, you are interested in creating social and environmental impact... we welcome you to the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community!!!

Finding an organization that really allows you to innovate is not that easy, but joining a Community and having the right training and contacts will make your search a little shorter and a lot less lonely. 


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Are you an entrepreneur?

I want to start, create my own startup 

Entrepreneurship is passion, creativity, innovation, commitment, leadership, teamwork... it's seeing opportunities and acting, taking risks and persevering... it's wanting to change the world... and doing it!!!

If you have an idea that you are passionate about and you want to turn it into reality, prepare, test it on the market and, if it works, scale it... you want to start, create your own startup. And if, in addition to generating economic impact, you are interested in creating social and environmental impact... we welcome you to the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community!!!

Starting a business is hard, but joining a community and surrounding yourself with the right people and resources will make your journey a little easier and a lot less lonely. 


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  • TecnoEmprèn, new university entrepreneurship program at TecnoCampus

    TecnoEmprèn aims to quickly identify if the ideas of university entrepreneurs are feasible, or if they should be modified or discarded, to start with other entrepreneurial projects. For this reason, each team will have a mentor and a tutor from the first session.

    It is focused on the students and alumni of the four departments of the TecnoCampus (Business, Technology, Health and Cultural Industries) with innovative ideas in initial phases, individual or collective.

    The first edition will take place in the third quarter of the 2023-2024 academic year and the call for proposals will open soon. 

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  • Entrepreneur Breakfasts and Snacks 2024

    We already have the dates for the Entrepreneurs' Breakfasts and Snacks for the second and third trimesters: Monday February 19, March 25, April 29, May 27 and June 17, at 10:30 a.m. and 18:00 p.m., at Business Lab, first floor, TCM1. 

    The breakfasts and lunches are dynamic spaces where entrepreneurial students and alumni meet to create community and get inspired, learn about the resources offered by the university, learn about business and intrapreneurial experiences, opportunities for matching and to grow abroad.

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  • New space for the Pre-Incubator in TCM2

    The Preincubator has moved to office 7, still on the first floor of TCM2.  

    This space and free program for locating and supporting university entrepreneurship projects offers, for 9 months, a place to work in a business environment, personalized support and a network of contacts. It can be used by students and alumni of the TecnoCampus, with a business idea to develop.  

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