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    Parc Toulon VAR Technologies Innovation

    The VAR Technologies Innovation Park in Toulon has more than 25 years’ experience accompanying and providing premises for companies in the VAR region. The experts in its acclaimed Talent Pool will provide you with the ideal tools for accessing the market in southern France.

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    Adlershof Technology Park

    Located near Berlin, the Adlershof Technology Park is one of the fifteen largest technology parks in the world. With more than a thousand companies based in the Park, it covers a broad range of sectors: optics, photonics, micro-systems, information technologies, biotechnology, renewable energies, photovoltaics, etc. The Park covers an area of over four square kilometres.

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    LispolisTechnology Park

    LispolisTechnology Park in Lisbon is home to more than 150 companies, with a total of 1,500 collaborators and a turnover in excess of 100 million euros. The Park’s strong links with Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, its institutional relations, its team and extensive experience all make Lispolis a very valuable partner.

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    Kilometro Rosso

    Located near Bergamo in Lombardy, one of Italy’s most dynamic regions, Kilometro Rosso, has become one of the leading Italian science parks. It is the site of important high technology research, development and production initiatives and advanced services that provide employment for more than 1,500 people.

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    South Florida

    The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1985 in an initiative organized by the public authorities of the counties of Palm Beach and Broward. It is home to technological companies in different sectors, including healthcare, sport, telecommunication, etc. It boasts the region’s first ever Technological Business Incubator, which encompasses the Business Angels network, the Technology Transfer Institute and the Technological Research Centres.

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    The National University of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires (UNNOBA), one of the most connected with the territory. It is involved in the food, textile biotechnology and ICT sectors. In addition, it has extensive connections with economic institutions and business associations.

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    The University of Piura (UDEP) is situated in Peru and it is linked to the incubation of companies, acceleration and innovation. It is specialized in digital economy and technological base, with strong links with the productive fabric of the region, with universities and investor networks.

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    The ICESI University, a prestigious university in Cali (Colombia) with multiple degrees. It is strongly oriented to the company and it links the connections between business-innovation and talent. Moreover, it is a very significant business network of the country's economy.

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    The University of Concepción (UDEC), a prestigious university in Chile with multiple degrees. It is very oriented to the start-up world with acceleration programs with Babson College. Also, it is a shuttle-accelerator of recognized prestige in your country.

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