The alternative to business creation

The Reempresa is a new model of entrepreneurship that encourages the continuity of companies that are economically viable and seek a renewal of ownership and management.

Tecnocampus is one of the reference Reempresa Centres in the Maresme. 

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What is a transferor?

The assigning company is the company that has a draft to pass on ownership and management to a re-entrepreneur, either for family succession or transfer to workers or third parties.

What is an entrepreneur?

Any person, natural or legal, who, like you, is planning to start a company or business that is already up and running.

What do we offer?

They accompany you throughout the process of transferring a company: from the initial introduction of both parties, to the signing of the contract of sale, through the phases of negotiation and mediation to reach an agreement.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

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