Creatic Award for TecnoCampus University Entrepreneurship


University students of the degrees or masters of the TecnoCampus University Schools enrolled in the 2020-2021 academic year who present an entrepreneurial project. 

Singularity of the idea    5 points

Market orientation of the value proposition    5 points

Business model   5 points

Degree of project development   5 points

Creatic Award for TecnoCampus University Entrepreneurship

Cash prize of € 1.000 (thousand euros), as well as a preferential accommodation allocation to the TecnoCampus Preincubator.

To participate, submit the attached application form accompanied by the TFG or TFM, or the executive summary.

-> Application form for participation


You can submit it:


  • In hand, in the TecnoCampus park register. (Av. D'Ernest Lluch, 32. 08302 Mataró.)
  • By email to


DEADLINE for submission of projects: October 5, 2021 at 15 p.m.


Contact! +34 93 169 65 02