Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education

Lifelong learning will become a fundamental part of our lives. The current context calls for us to be continuously updating our skills so as not to be left out of the job market.

Lifelong learning is the answer to growing professionally and maintaining an attractive profile within the job market.

The growing need for lifelong learning is making universities more relevant than ever. The TecnoCampus takes a step forward with the creation of a centre for postgraduate studies and continuing education to respond to this need and become a reference point for the region.


To train professionals and companies throughout their lives, with a highly professional, innovative educational offer that takes into account the development and success of the people and organizations committed to building a better world.


To become the center of permanent training of reference in the territory with an international vocation. Offer a quality educational experience with a clear commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Intrapreneurship
  • Curiosity
  • Co-creation
  • Spirit of service
  • Customer centric
  • Critical attitude
  • Continuous improvement
  • Our priority: people

The TecnoCampus in figures


University centres

  • Engineering and technology
  • Business
  • Health


Official master's degrees from Pompeu Fabra


UPF masters' and postgraduate courses

Facilities and equipment

We offer the best teaching and research equipment available.

  • 5.251 m2 available
  • 3.320 m2 of classrooms
  • 1.931 m2 of laboratories
  • 8 video and audio post-production rooms
  • 2 radio studios
  • 3 company laboratories
  • 5 computer labs
  • 6 engineering laboratories
  • 8 clinical simulation spaces
  • ...

Accreditation Catalonia for higher level training in the digital field