The park has different services and resources to help complement the needs of hosted companies, with a car park, small and large spaces for holding and holding business events, spaces for experimentation with specific technological resources and services of support for location changes by a company connected to the Tecnocampus Park ecosystem.

TecnoCampus car park

The TecnoCampus underground car park has a capacity for 477 vehicles and an area of ​​13.900m2.
We have different types of subscriptions to adapt to your needs.

Parking from €1,62 per hour. Check them out preus here.

Parking methods:

  • Standard rotation
  • Decremental strip
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Campus bike
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

The TecnoCampus car park has 12 charging points for electric vehicles, located on floor -1.

These charging points, Wallbox Cooper SB model, have a maximum power of up to 22 kWh and are intended exclusively for users with a monthly subscription contract or with hourly cards. The price of the service is €0,42/kWh, and will be settled monthly based on consumption.

  1. Be a subscriber or have an hourly card. 
  2. Fill and send to the address, the request for the service in the corresponding car park user mode (monthly subscriber or with decremental card) 
  3. Once the application has been processed and the corresponding contract signed, the parking control point will activate your parking card/command and send you the email invitation from the Mywallbox platform to accept the registration to the management platform. 
  4. Once the previous steps have been taken and your vehicle has been plugged in, you can activate the charging terminals with the same card or car park control.

As users, you will also be able to monitor the availability of charging points and the status of the vehicle's charging through the MyWallbox platform (

For any questions about the service, you can go to the parking control point or send an email to and we will help you solve it.

TecnoCampus Pass

TecnoCampus Pass 1


TecnoCampus Pass 3

TecnoCampus Pass 4

TecnoCampus Pass 5

The Tecnocampus Pass has a monthly cost of € 50 + VAT.

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