Sexual health is being able to live sexuality in an integral, autonomous, egalitarian, satisfying and respectful way, with the guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights.

Sexuality is a set of conditions that affect our body, our feelings, our behaviour, our emotions, and the desire to obtain sexual pleasure. 

Sexuality allows you to:
  • give and receive love
  • give and feel pleasure
  • express your feelings
  • be okay with yourself
  • have sex
  • have kids
To enjoy your sexuality it is important to: 
  • Find out what you like and what makes you feel good and transmit that to others. 
  • Attend to and respect the needs and rights of others.
  • Say “no” and ask for help if you feel uncomfortable in any situation.
  • Be informed about the changes that will appear in your body throughout life.
  • Ignore some information that sometimes appears on television, the Internet, or in old books, because it can be false.

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