Healthy eating provides the individual with all the food they need to meet their nutritional needs, stay in an optimal state of health and allow them to perform their daily activities normally. Following a properly balanced diet is the key to our physical, mental and emotional health.

We can consider that a diet is healthy when it is:Healthy Eating.

Of all the diets, the Mediterranean Diet (cultural heritage of Humanity) is considered one of the healthiest diets, thanks to its protective role mainly in cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, hypertension), metabolic (obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, etc.) and some types of cancer. In addition, the Mediterranean Diet complies with the 6 FAO principles of sustainability.

  1. More foods ofvegetal origin
  2. With a wide variety
  3. Reduction of waste
  4. Moderate meat consumption, both red and white
  5. Consumption of foods with a certified standard
  6. Less products rich in fat, salt and sugar

These 6 principles reduce the environmental impact, with 25% less gas emissions without increasing food costs.


The food guide “Small changes for better eating", by the Public Health Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya (ASPCAT), is a new tool to identify key aspects of our diet. It helps us make small changes in our diet to substantially improve its quality and sustainability. In addition, the Harvard dish is a tool to ensure a balanced and healthy diet.

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The food guide ” Small changes for better eating", by the Public Health Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya (ASPCAT), summarizes:

Small changes to eat better.

Source: Generalitat de Catalunya, ASPCAT (2018). Small Changes for Better Eating. Retrieved October 15, 2020 from Canal Salut website:

From the Barcelona City Council and within the framework of Barcelona as the world capital of sustainable food, the Seasonal Menu has been created. You can check out seasonal foods as well as recipes for all 4 seasons.

The recipes, prepared by different cooking schools, have a touch of originality and a careful presentation.

  • Al spring menu we will find foods such as asparagus, peas, beans, beets, mussels, sardines, strawberries, cherries, etc.
  • Al summer menu the main players are fish (such as bonito or Atlantic pomfret), lettuce, aubergines, string beans, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, etc.
  • Al autumn menu tardor we have mushrooms, fennel, navy beans, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, pomegranates, mackerel, chicken, and so on.
  • Al winter menu we will discover recipes with chard, artichoke, pumpkin, celery, salsify, chickpeas, walnuts, hazelnuts, chicken, coastal fish, etc. 

From each of the foods they make recipes where you can find out the origin, how you can cook them and store them, and what properties they have.



The Harvard dish is a tool to help follow the recommendations in the balanced structure of a meal, with the aim of guiding the public on the foods they recommend eating and also on the portions.

Harvard dish.

Source: made from Canal Salut website

La healthy eating pyramid is an instrument that represents what the how often the different food groups should be consumed. Thus, those that are at the base are the ones that should have more weight in the regular diet. Instead, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of the existing ones as you go up to the apex of the triangle.

For special diets there is also the version for Vegetarian and i vegan food.

"Food Pyramid"

Source: Health Channel. (sf). Healthy eating pyramid. [Graph]. Healthy eating pyramid.

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