The Cut-off marks are the minimum scores required to access the various university degrees in public universities and also in their affiliated centres, as is the case with TecnoCampus. These grades are established based on the grades obtained by students in the university entrance exams (PAU), which are taken at the end of compulsory secondary education. This means that they change from year to year, so they are only a reference for all those who do university pre-registration.

The places in each of the study centres are allocated starting with the application of the pre-registered student with the highest grade and going down in order of grade until all the places are used up.

The cut-off marks vary from year to year and depend on the demand and availability of places in each degree. They serve as a reference for students who want to enter the university and help determine whether they meet the necessary requirements to be admitted onto the desired degree course.

TecnoCampus cut-off marks

Degree in Audiovisual Media: 5,000

Degree in Video Game Design and Production: 5,268

Simultaneous degrees in design and production of video games and audiovisual media: Degree in Audiovisual Media 5,000 / Degree in video game design and production 5,268

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The TecnoCampus is the territorial headquarters of the University Admissions Office. You can receive telephone support from 9:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. Monday to Friday non-holidays. The phone is: 93 702 32 02.


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*The PIE will remain closed during the month of August.

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