If you are an entrepreneur, you want to become an innovative employee and contribute creative solutions to someone else's team, to grow and grow a company, a startup, a cooperative, an association.

Review the full list of TecnoCampus resources to get started and then explore the information sheets for those that interest you.

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What is it? Include an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial perspective in your TFG or TFM, from an experiment to a focus group or a business plan considering the enablers or limitations of an entrepreneur. Making use of this resource allows you to give a more accurate view to your work in Technology, Business, Cultural Industries or Health

Who is it aimed at? To all students enrolled in the TecnoCampus, who want to start considering their TFG, in the 4th year or 5th year (for double degrees) and TFM in the Masters  

When? During the realization of the TFG/TFM

Contact: Anahí Moyano, 

University Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MUEI)

What is it? This master's degree combines in a single program all the academic, professional, structural and human elements that enable students to transform their innovative ideas into real businesses. Participants will develop their entrepreneurial potential skills to think creatively and feel capable of transforming an idea into a real business

Who is it aimed at? Entrepreneurs and/or potential entrepreneurs who want to create a startup (entrepreneurs) or carry out innovations within an existing company (entrepreneurs). You don't need to have a previous idea or project

When? From October to July  

Contact: Giovanni Giusti · Master's Director,

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What is it? Training capsules of approximately 2 hours that are taught face-to-face or online in different quarters of the year. The topics are aimed at achieving the basic skills so that the student can develop in a professional environment: how to create your personal brand, training courses on LinkedIn, how to prepare your CV and more.

Who is it aimed at? Students of all degrees and courses who want to improve their personal brand and work on different skills in the world of work.

When? 5-6 workshops during the term (dates to be specified at the beginning of each term).

Contact:  Lorena Berga,

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The path of the entrepreneur

What is it? An academic itinerary where you will combine the degree subjects related to entrepreneurship and innovation, with extra-academic activities that will make you live the life of entrepreneurial people by putting your skills into practice in the form of your own projects (undertaking) or others (undertaking ). 4-6 ECTS are validated. 

Who is it aimed at? 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students from all departments.  

When? Open throughout the year.  

Contact:  Màrian Buil,  

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What is it? A non-stop weekend, solving real challenges of the TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community (University, Company and Startup challenges), with a multidisciplinary team and developing entrepreneurial and innovative skills. The winning solutions can be implemented from the Preincubator or directly on site with those responsible for the challenges.

Who is it aimed at? Bachelor's and master's students enrolled in the current TecnoCampus course.

When? First trimester.

Contact: Anahí Moyano,  

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What is it? It promotes innovation, talent and the development of new ideas in a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, to build transformative technological solutions, responding to a challenge proposed by the organizers and in a limited time.

Who is it aimed at? 2nd year scientific-technological high school students, CFGS students from all over Catalonia and TecnoCampus students (knowledge of programming, interfaces, video games, business, health, etc.)  

When? 2nd quarter of the academic year  

Contact: Jordi Ojeda,  

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What is? The tutoring service is a personalized space for all those students and alumni who want to meet and learn more about the entrepreneurial resources of the Tecnocampus and/or an introduction to the world of startups or professional advice

Who is it aimed at? To all students and alumni entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the Tecnocampus.  

When? Make a reservation and request an appointment

Contact: Anahí Moyano, · David Rangil, 

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Business lab

What is it? 

Space for training and events 

where is it 1 Plant, TCM1 

Who is it aimed at? Enrolled students can make reservations by mail 

When? The entire academic year 



Entrepreneurial breakfasts and snacks

What is it? A dynamic space where entrepreneurial students and alumni meet to create community and get inspired, learn about the resources offered by the university, learn about business and intrapreneurial experiences, opportunities for matching and to grow abroad.

Who is it aimed at? To all the entrepreneurial students and alumni of the TecnoCampus 

When? It is held on the last Monday of each month at the Business Lab, Floor 1, TCM1. We often visit the different incubators and entrepreneurial spaces of the university and the Park

Contact: Anahí Moyano, 

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Entrepreneurial Community

What is it?  The TecnoCampus Entrepreneurial Community is the digital space and main communication and connection portal of the university intrapreneurial ecosystem.

Who is it aimed at? To all the entrepreneurial students and alumni of the TecnoCampus

When? The entire academic year

Contact: Anahí Moyano, 

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What is it? Event organized by students and alumni that promotes talks about spreading ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, improve the world

Who is it aimed at? To all TecnoCampus students and alumni interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, personal and professional growth.

When? Maig  

Contact: Ares Sebastia Amat, · Martina Díaz-Vélez Alegre,

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Startup Grind Mataró

What is it? Chapter Mataró of the world's largest community of startups, founders, innovators and creators. Its aim is to educate, inspire, connect and internationalize entrepreneurs through local events, startup programs, partners and online content

Who is it aimed at? Students, entrepreneurs, startups and companies of the TecnoCampus Park. It is open to anyone who wants to sign up

When? One Thursday a month, from 18.30 pm to 21 pm.  

Contact: Jordi Bolet,

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International network of entrepreneurial universities

What is it?  9 Ibero-American universities (Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Peru and Chile), which share the same vision of responsible entrepreneurship, innovation and territorial development

Who is it aimed at? Entrepreneurial students and alumni interested in connecting and growing in Latin America.

When? The entire academic year.

Contact: Anahí Moyano,

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Start For Future (SFF)

What is it? European network of entrepreneurial universities and incubators for the development of startups and innovative and impactful solutions

Who is it aimed at? Students and alumni of the TecnoCampus and local startups. Language: English

When? Different phases open all year (cyclical)

Contact: Ester Bernadó,

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International Bootcamp

What is it? Program focused on strengthening intrapreneurial skills intensively for a week in Munich, with different challenges. During the week, the young people take part in talks and sessions linked to the theme of the challenge, at the same time that they have to develop an entrepreneurial project with a multidisciplinary and international team.

Who is it aimed at? To all students who want to test their entrepreneurial abilities and skills in a different and international context

When? The first week of March

Contact: Ester Bernadó,

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Blended Intensive Program (BIP)

What is it? Entrepreneurship program funded by the Erasmus+ mobility program. For a week, students from different European universities immerse themselves in different verticals based on entrepreneurship, to find solutions based on the problems and challenges posed by the city of Mataró.

Who is it aimed at? To all the students enrolled in the TecnoCampus who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Language: English.

When? First semester of the year

Contact: Anahí Moyano, 

International practices (IAESTE)

What is it? IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an international mobility program that has more than 80 countries to carry out paid internships. It is managed by students and teachers.

Who is it aimed at? Students of the degrees: Electronics, Mechanics, Industrial Organization, Computer Science, Audiovisual Media, Video Games, ADE, Marketing, Logistics and Tourism.

When? Offers are posted in the month of February, but there are other opportunities posted throughout the year.

Contact: Gerard Montasell and Claudio Maiorana, · Juan Garcia, 

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