Luca Vignoni - The Marches Polytechnic University (Italy)

Located right in front of the beach, my Erasmus experience has been brilliant. I have met many different people from around the world. My stay will be a good contribution for my career thanks to the good facilities and opportunities offered by TecnoCampus! I am very grateful to the International Office, always available for any doubt.

Monica and Alice - Cagliari (Italy)

Our experience at the TecnoCampus and in Mataró has certainly changed our lives. We have learned that there are very different realities from the one we have always known, we have been able to look at and learn new ways of working.

Amy and Hannah - Glywndr (UK)

It has been a good experience. I've been able to mix with other Erasmus students. Language has been difficult, it would be better if more classes had been taught in English. Tutorials have helped and lecturers have been able to compromise between the work we have had to do at home and here.

Valentina and Giulia - Tor Vergata (Italy)

We arrived in Mataró to study Economics at the TecnoCampus. It is a very beautiful and technological Campus! They are all very friendly and available. The teachers are very competent and friendly. And yes, they are also very demanding! But without a doubt… CHOOSE THE TECNOCAMPUS! 

Sini - Karelia (GMA)

I enjoyed staying here. I think I've learned a lot, not only in the classes: doing some activities, like being part of a human tower group. They were all very welcoming. Even though, in the school and everywhere else not all the people spoke English, but most of them tried it! I'm happy to came here, it was a good experience.