Design the TecnoCampus 2022-23 folder


The TecnoCampus announces a new edition of the TecnoCampus Folder Design Contest with the aim of choosing in a participatory way the design of the folder that will be delivered to the students enrolled in the course 2022/23.

Folder size:

The entire surface of the folder, according to the template provided. The proposal must be two-sided.

Delivery dates:

From May 3 to May 21, 2022.


The winning proposal of the Contest will receive as a prize:

  • The use of its design for the 2022-2023 academic year folders.

  • 300 euros * to be paid by bank transfer.

  • The winner's signature on the flap of the folder.

* Amount subject to the tax applicable to him by law.

How does the contest work?

A jury made up of a student representative and TecnoCampus officials will select zinc finalists among all the proposals submitted.

El Winning design will be chosen from the finalist proposals through a vote open to all TecnoCampus students from May 30 to June 6. The winning proposal will be announced in the second week of June.

Submit your proposal before May 21 to:

The information required to participate in this contest is set out in the rules.