Forms of payment

Payment of the registration fee can be made in a single payment or in installments with a loan from a financial institution.

Single payment

Once the registration has been formalized, the student will be given the payment letter (I will pay) which contains the barresper code to be able to make the payment within a maximum period of 30 days from the time of registration.

In the case of students from the second year this letter of payment must be printed at the time ofself-registration.


The student will be able to choose between these options to make the payment of the credit:

Letter of payment

Present the payment letter to the financial institution (Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank, Bankia, BBVA and Banco Santander) and make the payment or, if you have an account with the institution, ask them to deduct it from the account.

Optical reader for ATM

If you have an account opened with the financial institution, you can make the payment at an ATM that has an optical reader. Once you have entered your passbook or card, choose the receipt payment option and follow the instructions given by the system.

With credit card

By credit or debit card (with sufficient limit) using the payment service through electronic banking provided by the following entities: CaixaBank  i BBVA , as well as from a mobile device by downloading the CaixaBank receipt payment app free of charge or with codi QR

Payment through CrediCompte Formació de Sabadell Consumer


With funding, you are awarded a line of credit with CrediCompte Formació, which will facilitate the payment of the rest of the degree course.

  • Method of payment up to 12 months
  • Direct debit payments to your regular account, without changing bank
  • Available for individuals with DNI or NIE (residents and with income from Spanish territory)
  • Interest-free TIN 0,00%. Opening expenses of 4% financed in the monthly instalments APR 7,55%

The procedure is done at the time of registration, for registrations of over €1.000 up to a maximum of €9.000



Financing offered by Sabadell Consumer Finance SAU and subject to its approval.


Example of financing:

Tuition financing in the amount of €5.000 for 12 months, opening commission 4% financed, TIN 0,00% and APR 7,55%. Funded amount €5.200 in 11 monthly instalments of €433,33 and a final final instalment of €433,37.

Total amount due: €5.200


Financing offered by Sabadell Consumer Finance SAU and subject to its approval. Check the following links for the advantages of this financing: information


Calculator to simulate your loan

Use this app to create a loan simulation that fits your needs

Payment by Caixabank Express Loan, at 10 or 12 months without interest.

Processing at any CaixaBank branch.

Reference email

To More information about personal loans for studies


Regardless of the financing with Sabadell Consumer or CaixaBank, with which TecnoCampus has formalized a specific Collaboration Agreement with interest-free financing, the student may contact any other financial institution to contract study financing products that consider it in your best interest.




Payment through Prestec Estudis CaixaEnginyers 



*Request up to €10.000 at 0% interest. 

Representative example:

TIN 0%. APR 6,90% 

Minimum amount: €2.000

Term: 10 months (10 installments of €200). 

Opening commission: 3,00% with a minimum of 50 euros.

Total amount to be paid: €2.060. 

See more information  or contact: 

Neus Toran Llort  Telf. 93 755 56 00 



  • Be over 18 years old.

  • Accredit a level of income or include a co-owner who can provide sufficient income for the risk assessment.

  • Not listed in the RAI/ASNEF or any other public delinquency register.

 Necessary documentation of the holders:

  • DNI / NIE

  • Declaration of income tax and assets of the last year.

  • Salary sheet for the last 2 months.

  • Proof of registration for the course to be taken.

 In case of insufficient credit capacity, Caixa Enginyers may request additional guarantees.